10 ways to haggle for the best price

10 ways to haggle for the best price

Always haggle, especially if the item is worth a decent amount. The people behind you in the queue might hate you for a split second but when you walk away with enough of a saving to buy a few beers down the pub they will soon try and copy your technique.

Here are our 10 ways to successfully haggle for a better price:

(1) Don’t go in all guns blazing.

Anyone showing excitement is easy prey for shop owners, you want to be interested in buying something but with a calm attitude. Don’t act like a kid with their weekly pocket money in hand.

(2) Always be friendly & polite to staff.

Lots of people working in shops don’t enjoy the day-to-day ball ache of annoying/angry customers, so treat them like you would like to be treated yourself.

(3) Do your research first

Ensure you know how much something sells for online/elsewhere.
Also have a hunt around the store for other realistic items you might what for free within the deal.
At the very least get them to price match but only mention that after you’ve asked for the initial discount. In the past, we’ve asked staff “I’m thinking of getting this… What can you do to get the price down so I can buy it today” and they end up being £10 cheaper than anywhere else.

(4) If possible explain why doing it at this lower price is in their interest.

One great example is when an insurance company is owned by another bigger company with other insurance companies under their wing, for you to close your account with 1 company and open it with another will cost them money. Another example is an end of line/clearance item you’re doing them a ‘favour’ by clearing the shelves. If you can also offer to buy multiple clearance items then a lower price might be on the cards.

(5) Point out any imperfections and see if they can knock some money off

Obviously don’t do this with a can of value beans but things like clothing/anything over £5 etc. Subtle hints reminding them that other people would be put off from buying if they saw the issue can also help lower the price.

(6) Use the silent treatment

Once they offer you a lower price, stay silent………… just wait…………and wait………and then they should jump in to stop the awkward silence by either offering a further discount or by doing number 7 on the list. If they do the same silent technique back to you then hit them with a crazy low price.

Know your options! Remember to do your research first and shop around. Obvious too many but we still see people buying at crazy high prices!

Know your options! Remember to do your research first and shop around. Obvious too many but we still see people buying at crazy high prices!

(7) “Let me speak with the manager” is a common ploy/trick used by staff and customers alike.

Most shop staff are allowed to give a certain percentage off but are encouraged to ask the manager for any further discounts. Once they’ve come back with an offer, hit them with a counter offer for them to go back to the manager and ask again. If they won’t offer a discount what about a freebie/large discount on some extras, etc. Failing that see if you can speak with the manager/supervisor etc directly this can unlock even further discounts.

(8) Being a good customer in an independent store

This can give you a leg up the negotiation ladder and you will most likely be treated far better than customers in massive chain stores. + The fact you’re putting money into local businesses rather than some private jet owning company executives pocket is also a positive.

(9) Don’t be a d!ck

If the seller has met your lower price point actually buy the item, don’t walk away and say you will think about it. This just makes the whole process rubbish for both parties.

(10) Never mention your maximum budget.

If they know how much is in your pocket to spend, they won’t offer you anything lower.
To get the best deal your first offer must be so low it’s almost insulting, it’s no good offering £95 when it’s priced at £100, you will kick yourself for not trying a lower price if they accept it straight away. Once you’ve got them at their final price see if they can chuck in some extra freebies, don’t mention the freebies until after the reduction or staff will simply build that freebie into the final price.

Remember worst case they say no and you can always walk away.

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