How To Save Money On Mother’s Day 2018

How To Save Money On Mother’s Day 2018

Do you know what’s happening on Sunday 11th March? No? Well, you could soon be in huge trouble with your mum. That’s right – Mother’s Day is upon us once again, which means it’s time to start figuring out what you’re going to do!

If you’re low on funds right now (or just want to save some pennies), there are loads of options and deals out there. Here’s how you can spend less and still impress your mum.

Send her a free e-card

Why bother wasting your hard-earned cash on a card that’s just going to go right in the bin after the weekend? First things first, you should send your mum a free e-card instead of spending cash on a physical one.

There are loads of places you can get these cards online and, assuming she has email, you can send it right to her inbox. Plus, you can often make these cards personal as well, which means that she will adore whatever it is that you send her. Simple.

Check out: Blue Mountain e-cards

Mums eat free at Toby Carvery

There are few better ways to show your mum that you really do care than taking her for a delicious Sunday lunch. When your budget is tight, though, the thought of splashing out for two dinners, drinks, and maybe even dessert is likely to be a little stressful.

Luckily, there’s a handy little promotion down at Toby Carvery that may just help to lighten the load. Yes, the chain of restaurants is offering a free lunch for mums after 6pm on Mother’s Day.* You will need to book online and get a voucher from the site before heading to the pub.

If you’re not taking your mum out on Sunday, but later in the week, there’s still good news. On Thursday 8th, Friday 9th or Saturday 10th March, your mum can have a free drink at Toby Carvery. All you need to do here is sign up to their email list and get a voucher. Easy!

* There’s a slight catch! You have to go as a party of four for the voucher to work. So, try roping in a couple of other people… so long as they’re paying for themselves.

Check out: Toby Carvery site

Free dessert and drink for mums at Hungry Horse

Oh, and Toby Carvery pubs are not the only place giving away freebies this Mother’s Day. The Hungry Horse chain of pubs is getting in on the action as well.

This time around, you don’t get a free meal for your mum, but you do get a free drink and dessert. That’s 100% certain to make the whole experience a load more affordable. (Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Hungry Horse pubs are already seriously cheap!)

This offer can be used either Saturday or Sunday on Mother’s Day weekend. All you need to do is book ahead online to be eligible. When you order mains, your mum will be able to choose from any deal drink, including a tasty 125ml glass of Prosecco. She will also be treated to a super sweet dessert from the menu too.

As though that weren’t enough, when the pair of you eat at a Hungry Horse pub over Mother’s Day weekend, you will automatically get entered into a prize draw to win a £30 gift card too. What more could you want?!

Check out: Hungry Horse site

Make your own mum vouchers

If you have zero spare cash right now, there’s no reason that you can’t give your mum something that will make her smile. Why not make her some DIY vouchers to show that you’re always there for her? This fun little craft project won’t take too long and will make your mum smile when she opens it.

All you have to do is decide what you’re willing to give your mum in the future. For example, you might give her a clean bathroom (i.e. you clean her bathroom) or a home cooked meal. The point is that she can redeem the vouchers from you anytime she pleases throughout the year. This present is absolutely free and absolutely sure to make your mum get all weird and emotional. Win-win!

Make her a meal at home

In all honesty, taking your mum out on Mother’s Day can be something of a hassle. Not only will everywhere be crowded with families, but it can also cost more than you expect. So, what other options do you have? Well, one thoughtful and sweet thing you could do is make her a meal at hers or yours. This idea is all about planning to get your thinking cap on for a moment.

You may already know what your mum’s favourite meal is, but if not, you may have to ask around. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or a pretty basic cook, your mum is sure to appreciate the time and effort you make cooking her something. (Of course, there are a load of helpful recipes online too!)

Extra points if you create a menu and print it out.

Check out: Mother’s Day recipes | Asda Prosecco Deal

Head to Groupon for under £10 deals (or instant vouchers for spa trips etc)

The last thing you want to do is end up spending an absolute fortune on your mum’s present. Of course, around Mother’s Day, you’re likely to notice that many of the stores tend to hike up their prices, meaning that you pay over the odds for an otherwise really standard gift.

That’s no way to save money! So, what on earth should you do instead? You probably already use Groupon but did you know that there is a sneaky under £10 section? Just head to the gift ideas tab and then choose the option that says ‘affordable gifts.’

There you will find a whole load of present ideas that will by no means break the bank, should you end up choosing them. Of course, you should buy these presents in advance so that you are sure that they will arrive on time.

From candles to mini manicure sets, there are loads of things here that your mum is likely to love. Remember, not all presents have to be huge and lavish. Sometimes, it’s the small, simple, and thoughtful things that really make a big impression. Happy shopping!

Check out: Affordable gifts on Groupon (remember for last-minute gifts you can also buy vouchers etc to print out)

Buy flowers from M&S (and get free chocolates)

While buying a bouquet of flowers is not a particularly cheap deal, M&S are throwing in a little something to sweeten the deal… literally. Yes, when you order a gorgeous bouquet online for Mother’s Day, you can nab a free box of chocolates for your mum. The chocolates are supposedly worth £6. Plus, let’s be honest, knowing M&S, they’re bound to be rather tasty too.

The offer is only available on ‘selected bouquets,’ which are clearly marked on the website. You shouldn’t really get confused here! However, the offer only applies to orders that are made before 6th March. That means that you will need to be something of an early bird to get this one. Perhaps it’s time to order now?

Check out: Flower Bouquets at M&S

Get a £37 No. 7 set for just £12.99

Is your mum a glamourous lady? Well, then she may just love a cute No. 7 gift set from Boots. When you buy two items from the range, you can get the Skin That Glows gift set for the cheeky little price of £12.99.

What’s more, the set is usually a whopping £37 which means that you’re saving yourself just over £24! You may want to act fast as these sets are sure to sell out pretty fast, given how much you’re actually saving here.

So, what’s in the box? Well, your mum will get a skin illuminator, blending sponge, some eyeshadow, and even a little coupon so she can get a free lipstick too. If you’re feeling extra generous, you may want to gift her the two No. 7 products as well. But, let’s be real here, you’re probably going to want to keep them for yourself. Shh… We won’t tell a soul!

Check out: Boots No. 7 Range

Buy a Moonpig gift from just £6

Ordering a gift or flowers online has to be one of the easiest ways to make sure that your mum is happy on 11th March! If you happen to order something oh-so-special from the likes of Moonpig, you may just be in for a surprise. The site is offering a whole range of presents for the most important lady in from just £6. YES!

Long gone are the days when Moonpig just specialised in cards. Oh no, they basically do anything you can imagine these days, which is great news for last minute shoppers. You can get everything from cute little trinket dishes to boxes of fudge on here. The gifts range in price, but there are some seriously reasonable ones on there. It’s well worth having a proper look to see what comes up.

Check out: Great Gifts at Moonpig

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