What happens when you buy £500 in scratch cards [Don’t ever do this]

What happens when you buy £500 in scratch cards [Don’t ever do this]

Emily was picked at random as the 10ways winner

Emily only found out she had won the last £500 scratch card comp once a friend tagged her on our announcement post, after saying “Oh my god!” a few times she rang her Dad who rightly was skeptical, he told her “You’ve probably won nothing…Don’t get your hopes up too much!”. Brilliant!


After recently losing her job Emily was super excited we knew due to the emails she sent “Ahhhh so excited!” and “I AM SO EXCITED!” haha 🙂

We travelled 200+ miles to her home, setup a few cameras and crossed our fingers for her.


She scratched and scratched and scratched and scratched and scratched. We would have helped but we were filming the whole thing just in case she won the main prize.



After nearly 3 hours (yes 3 long hours) we got through them all, poor Emily had grey hands and the table definitely needed a good clean but we did it!


Emily image

Then came the checking, double checking, triple checking. We ended with a £301 return from £500 worth of scratch cards

We then rocked up at the local Co-op and shocked the locals. Felt so sorry for the lady working, film crew, loads of cash, loads of people watching etc


Put it this way always check your totals before you go to collect winnings, after nearly leaving with £231 we had a few words and left with £301 and Emily was happy 🙂

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