Bulk buying – a reality check!

Bulk buying – a reality check!

This is how you bulk buy

1) Only buy when prices are at lowest (preferably lowest price ever), if you bulk buy when prices are high you’re an idiot (sorry).

2) See if any vouchers are available for the items you’re planning on buying

A quick Google search is your best bet, set search results to ‘past few months’ or ask us/others on here or our Facebook page

3) ALWAYS compare prices as buying in bulk from an expensive retailer is pointless

Register for an account with Trolley
Also remember to compare with eBay/HomeBargains/B&M/PoundShops/Costco/Booker/Amazon/FarmFoods/HeronFoods etc

4) Yes you can store food/drink in all sorts of crazy spots.

Think above the fridge, under the stairs, under the bed, inside the sofa, the garage, an old bin etc
Remember worst case you share with family members etc

5) Be friendly to staff at supermarkets

Don’t piss them off, always chat with them (secret: they ‘generally’ can’t wait to clock off so chatting ‘generally’ makes the time fly for them).

If you can’t find something on the shelves or simply want more of a certain item politely ask staff (be willing to wait whilst they check out back), you will be amazed what some stores have out the back.

Apologise when something goes wrong at the tills & when it may come across you’re being difficult (to both the staff & the people queuing behind you). When the supervisors are called over because you’ve got a trolley full of dog food and it’s glitching at £1 something a bag, & the supervisor asks “how much are those then?”, shove your debit card into the machine as quick as possible and smash your pin in. Then tell them as you walk away, hehe that supervisor still hates us 😉

Help other shoppers out (makes you feel good), unless they take it the wrong way 😉 We’ve often told people about glitches/bargains/1p items whilst out shopping but for some reason they look at us strangely, think we need some 10 ways badges 😉 haha

6) Consider bulk-buying past ‘best before’ dated food

Sites like Approved Food are a god send!

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 00.59.45

7) “wahhhhh – I can’t afford to bulk buy”.

Split cost with family/friends etc and remember it’s a long term ‘investment’, yes you’re spending £29 on beans today but in 3 months time you’ve still not had to spend anything on beans and probably won’t for another 3 months. It’s all about the longterm.

8) Remember if you buy something often then you’re missing out on a massive saving by not bulk buying.

From toiletries to batteries & washing tablets to car oil it can all be purchased cheaper if you spend a bit of time researching it.

Prime example is shopping via Amazon, we often search for ‘pack of 12’, ‘pack of 24’ etc to find some sneaky cheap buys.

Things like toiletries should also only ever be purchased on a glitch/bargain deal, boots normally sort us out 3-4 times per year for instance.

9) Always be ready for a mini ‘fight’ with customer service desk at supermarkets when they’re trying to fob you off

Make sure you know what the rules are and stick to them. e.g. when tickets are priced wrong in store (& you’ve been charged more).

NOTE: You can get labelled a ‘trouble-maker’ when you start getting noticed at customer services a lot complaining/getting refunds etc, some people have even been refused entry to stores in the past, but as long as you’re not breaking the law you should be fine. Just expect the odd funny look & picture that awesome holiday that you’re going to go on with all this saved cash.

10) Trust us once you’ve started you will never stop, it’s like an addiction.

You will find yourself going into a shop, they have the item you need but because you know how low the price has been in the past you can’t bring yourself to buy it. This can be good and bad, the Mrs for instance can get a bit annoyed when you’ve been told to get X from the shop and you come back without it but with a car full of discounted toilet paper 😉

Yes you get strange looks from people all the time, but who cares when you know at the end of the year you’ve probably saved enough for a holiday where they’re scourging enough money together to buy a single tin of beans.

Good luck and a big thanks to everyone who snaps photos for us and sends us their stories. We love reading/seeing your stories/photos.

► If you’ve got a story or a photo of your bulk buying cupboard please post on our wall, we love to see what people get up to!

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