[Poll] – The Best & Worst Part Time jobs to get at Uni

[Poll] – The Best & Worst Part Time jobs to get at Uni

Add your own thoughts on the following jobs in the comments, we will pick the best and add to the list:

Coffee Shop

“If you’re going to get a job, get it somewhere you can make the most of discounts/freebies. I worked in a coffee shop, free meal on my break and any leftover sandwiches, pastries etc were free to take home at the end of the day. Sometimes I took home bags full of food that was good for another day or two. Also got charged 50p for a coffee out of work hours instead of £2-4 a go. Made for a great place to go study as well, free or cheap drinks and snacks and plenty of friendly faces when you need a break.

Edit: actually, just work in a coffee shop full stop. Aside from freebies and discount, you get to know a lot of people. The estate agents who were regulars offered to find me a place to live next year with no fees. Other students who came in to the shop became a big help with group projects. A professional writer gave me great dissertation tips. If you’re good to them, regulars will swarm to help you out if they can. A colleague of mine got an internship based on chatting to a customer. So yeah coffee shops are excellent places to work during university!” – Thanks to Katie


Is working in a Coffee Shop whilst at uni a good idea?

Club ticket sellers

“I sold night club tickets to friends/ course mates in my first year. Gives a bit of spending money, chance to meet new people & free entry to a lot of clubs (saving £100’s over the year).” – Thanks to Josh


Is a Night club ticket seller a good part-time job at uni?

On campus jobs

“Look on the uni website / student portal for jobs on campus. I worked doing student tours, going into schools promoting the uni and helping out with admissions. I lived at home so if I traveled in for a morning lecture I tried to get an afternoon shift and vice Versa meaning everytime I went to uni I made some extra money.” – Thanks to Victoria


Is an 'on campus job' a good idea?

Working in a pub

“Don’t work in a pub or hotel the hours might seem great to fit around uni but you get no time to socialise or do work” – Thanks to Adam


'Working in a pub' a good idea or a bad idea?

Shelf stacker

“Most supermarkets have jobs for shelf stackers at night plus if you shop there you get discount.” – Thanks to Jodie



Is being a Shelf stacker at a local supermarket a good job at uni?

Company/brand rep

Companies send you leaflets, banners, sim cards, lanyards, free samples etc to get you to do them some cheap marketing. You get paid for each sign-up or purchase. The beauty of this is you can do this normally in your own time when you fancy it but your performance may dramatically vary from week to week!


Is being a Company/brand rep a good job at uni?


“Get a part-time job as a lifeguard at a leisure centre with a gym. Free gym membership when you decide all the alcohol and hangovers are making you fat.” – Thanks to Louise


Is being a lifeguard a good part-time job at uni?


Can be great tip money but watch the hours as you can work unsociable shifts! Remember to learn how to increase your tips!


Is being a Waiter/Waitress a good job whilst at uni?

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