Woman quoted £80 by ‘junkie’ for him to move off her doorstep…

Woman quoted £80 by ‘junkie’ for him to move off her doorstep…

Lauren, a 20-year-old student studying marketing and business at Dundee University was left stunned on Monday when the doorway to her flat was blocked by a man.

She rightfully asked the man to move but was left shocked when he quoted her £80 for the trouble.

‘Can’t get in ma flat cos a junkie has fallen asleep and has quoted me £80 for him to move. Love Dundee.’

She later said: I was coming home and saw he was passed out and was like, ‘Oh great’.

‘When he was asked to move he couldn’t actually understand what was said to him at first, then he said ‘gees £80 n al move’.


‘I wasn’t sure what to do so my work colleague came round as he was just round the corner and asked him to move.

‘Then we asked him again to move and he made us promise he was on Seagate and then made us pinky promise. Then asked for a cigarette and mumbled a few other things then moved enough for us to be able to get in.’

Lauren later posted the above picture to Twitter which of course went viral, it has subsequently been hidden from public view.


What would you have done if it was your front door?

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