Live in Scotland? Get paid to play games all day at Rockstar (GTA)

Live in Scotland? Get paid to play games all day at Rockstar (GTA)

Rockstar the creators of games such as GTA, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne and Bully have a new job position simply titled ‘Game Tester’, remember what they say: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life”.

We’ve discussed game testing in the past but it’s fairly rare to see positions like this actively promoted from large companies like Rockstar.

“You will [need to] have good general computer skills and be a confident learner working with word processing, databases and spreadsheets.”

You have to be over 18 and preferably be educated to further or higher education standards.

Successful applicants will be asked to complete a video interview, from which they may be asked to attend an in-studio interview.

Extra tips to get the job

The company’s website says the best possible qualification to get into games testing would be a gaming degree (Games Design, Games Production, Programming) or related degree (3D Modelling, Audio Production, Animation, etc.).

Any other degree level qualification or higher certificate/diploma would be a good qualification to help get into testing – the more relevant to computing and software testing the better.

Testers will need some form of higher education to even be considered.


To do this kind of work, you’ll need the following qualities:

  • Observation.
  • Patience. Ability to cope with extreme repetition of tasks e.g. testing the same element for months at a time.
  • Tenacity; ensuring that tasks are completed.
  • Logic; able to work out the logic behind a particular game element to enable you to test every condition.
  • Good written and spoken English.
  • Objective; be willing to make constructive criticism backed up by facts.
  • Ability with databases, spreadsheets, word processors.
  • Ability to learn new software packages when required
  • Ability to write reports.
  • It’s important to play games and have an interest in how they are made. You don’t have to be the very best gamer possible but you should be good enough to be regularly completing games and being competitive in multi-player games

Apply for the job here

This isn’t a sponsored post. Article via Daily Record.

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