There are tons of flight comparison websites out there but often you have to type in exact dates etc, with this special link you just select the country you want to visit and it will show you the CHEAPEST DATE to travel.

Buy your flights ASAP (as prices will change) and then plan the rest of your cheap trip around the dates you’ve secured!

Fly to Poland from £14 return

From the Historic Centre of Krakow to the Great Masurian Lakes, Poland may surprise you! p.s. the Vodka is pretty good as well

Fly to Ibiza (Spain) from £20 return

Traditional party town or relaxed couples retreat, Ibiza has it for everyone. Cheap flights year round and decent weather if you want it.

Fly to Paris from £31 return (or £20 elsewhere in France)
Lovers retreat with fine dining and a large pointy thing at the end of a night time walk. Other locations in France from just £20 if you fancy something different.

Fly to Dublin (Ireland) from £16 return

From a cheap walking tour of the city, to just sitting back and enjoying the alcohol Dublin is a must visit city and for under £20 return you can’t really beat the prices!

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Fly to New York from £247

From visiting Central Park to seeing the Manhatten Skyline from Observation Deck there is literally endless possibilities in New York. Prices change OFTEN for New York flights, so it’s important to keep checking as the low ones (under £300 return) sell out very quickly. Expect £350-£450 most of the year.

Fly to Morocco from £34

From visiting the Botanical Gardens in Marrakech to riding camels (or quad bikes) across the desert there is something for everyone in Morocco. Remember to learn how to haggle before you go!

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