Win £1,000 of UK Scratchcards! (extra competition now live, guess how long it takes the winner and win £50)

Is this real?

Yes, unlike the other websites that offer free competitions for stupidly good prizes we’re 100% legit and have run this style of competition twice in the past with two winners (see below).

If you win you will receive £1000 worth of National Lottery scratch cards in a mix of £5 & £10 cards. Delivered anywhere in the UK + we will even give you a few pennies to get you started.

emilyThe first time we ran a scratchcard giveway Emily from Devon walked away with £301 and then Josh from Plymouth walked away with £630 from £1000 worth of scratchcards, it took him 5 hours to scratch! This time, we’ve gone big with just £5 & £10 cards only and will be aiming for under 3 hours!

Where did the money come from?

Remember we’re the same crazy people who made a £600 profit from walking into a supermarket and spending £300 on pieces of paper and have successfully brought down a major food online retailer with endless orders of free £50 shopping & around 7000 of you received your order! We do this as a bit of fun each year for our fans and their friends alongside donating £6,000 to our local food bank.

Will you profit from selling my details on?

NO, we hate spam more than you do. In fact, we actively encourage everyone to use alias emails for pretty much everything online, just make sure you check them in case you win!

What is the catch?

Well, we’re trying to get more people like you to follow us on other social media, so you can take advantage of our awesome deals on the apps you prefer to use, so technically you may end up spending more money in the future by seeing more of our legendary deal posts and glitches but that is the only catch and a rather good catch going by our track record for glitch hunting and deals. The minimum requirement to gain entry is just your email and name, the other entries are bonus and optional.

What is


  • Get the best deals & money saving tips
  • No spam or crap (we hate spam more than you)
  • Unsubscribe at ANY point
  • Never miss a glitch again!

Can I have a look at the scratchcards to check they’re real?

Sure here are a few snaps:

The previous competition: