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Say to Alexa or Google Home: Ask send me a sample for Jean Paul Gaultier 👍

Likes: 18 Comments: 44 Shares: 2
Lightning deal £12.09 Massager with £10 voucher on screen

Likes: 10 Comments: 13 Shares: 0
Electronic Neck Massager £22.09 on a lightning deal but there is a £10 voucher you can collect as well!

Likes: 13 Comments: 27 Shares: 4
Find 3 pallets, get some foam mattress and make a profit! 😂 Has anyone made furniture from pallets before? If so (and it’s good) we would love to see some photos in the comment 👍

Likes: 43 Comments: 240 Shares: 5
Just been into Sainsburys in Bispham, lancashire and Fevertree cucumber tonic is 20p per bottle! Down from £1.85 per bottle! Not sure if nationwide but worth checking! Thanks to Anon

Likes: 62 Comments: 121 Shares: 6
Fridge Jug £2 (similar at IKEA = £4.50)
Requires £20 minimum spend for delivery

Likes: 19 Comments: 16 Shares: 0

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