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Please only claim if you will actually put these to good use in public spaces. Free trees to plant.

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IRN-BRU Xtra £7 for 24 cans (or £5.95 with S+S)
They also have Standard and Sugar-free varieties. Supposedly the Xtra version is the closest to the original version.

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LEGO 10281 Creator Expert Bonsai Tree £27.79 (when you collect the on-screen £5.70 voucher)

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Your future self may thank you that you’ve checked you’ve paid your national insurance contribution (also be sure that your parents have done the same). You can voluntarily pay for any missed years (up to 6 years ago). You currently need 35 full years of payments to get full state pension which currently equals £9,371.27 a year.

Check your state pension forecast >

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