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This seems good + use code DPFREESHIP for free delivery

Likes: 3 Comments: 3 Shares: 1
12,000 x free 3ml samples of Loreal Paris Hydra Genius moisturiser on http://10ws.co/2wAadw1

As always when claiming freebies use alias emails just in case they spam/sell your details on.

Likes: 30 Comments: 23 Shares: 2
"Salted caramel rice crispy squares are on sale at 20p in my local Sainsburys" - Thanks to Rebecca

Likes: 18 Comments: 23 Shares: 0
I cannot believe I'm talking about Christmas this early in the year but we spotted IKEA are running their spend £25 on a Xmas tree and get a £20 voucher again this year.

Likes: 247 Comments: 371 Shares: 25
If you see people handing out flyers at the train station take one, it might be one of these. e.g. at Sheffield station, they were handing these out this morning! Valid until 30th September, free hot drink, and a flapjack! Happy Wednesday. Thanks to Emmer

Likes: 55 Comments: 17 Shares: 6
Get a PS4 Pro console + Uncharted lost legacy + Dishonored 2 + Fallout 4 + Doom + 3 months PS Plus for £329.99 with code TDX-WFTW

Add the following to basket:
1) http://10ws.co/2wyYzS0
2) http://10ws.co/2w3UT7H
3) http://10ws.co/2w4qztH
4) http://10ws.co/2w4b9W9
5) http://10ws.co/2w4iBkf
6) http://10ws.co/2wySJQE

Then enter code TDX-WFTW at checkout

Likes: 26 Comments: 39 Shares: 2
Half Price NOWTV boxes live again!
Sky Cinema > http://10ws.co/2wyOm88
Sky Entertainment > http://10ws.co/2wyqmlv

Likes: 23 Comments: 66 Shares: 2
Walking past a Krispy Kreme UK store?

Likes: 106 Comments: 240 Shares: 0
"Yo guys, I've got a little tip, it's not exactly a mega saver but at the Odeon the other day I was talking with my partner, near an employee, about how I wondered what those Fanta frozen drinks taste like. I was then offered a taster which was basically the same size as a small slushy for free! Worth thinking out loud sometimes " - Thanks to Anon

Likes: 100 Comments: 24 Shares: 1
Topshop up to 70% off + extra 20% off with code EXTRA20 + Free C&C (or free P&P on £50)


Likes: 33 Comments: 93 Shares: 7
Google Home, Amazon Echo, Chromecast & Jack Daniels

► Google Home Assistant
Argos > http://10ws.co/2wx93RJ
Currys > http://10ws.co/2uaemVj
John Lewis > £3 P&P but 2 year warranty > http://10ws.co/2wx3Rxs

► Amazon Echo Assistant Black or White for £89 with code TDX-HYTP
↪ or £99 on http://10ws.co/2wx8De7 (spend £1 more and get a £10 voucher)

► Google Chromecast (turn any TV into a smart connected one) £19
Argos > http://10ws.co/2wx2j6j
John Lewis (£3 P&P but 2 year warranty) > http://10ws.co/2wwSrJV
Currys > http://10ws.co/2uae68Q

► 1 Litre Jack Daniels & JD Honey £20
+ £16 off £60 with code AFFPHAUG (new accounts)
+ these freebies > http://10ws.co/2w1Ygfl

Likes: 25 Comments: 108 Shares: 9

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