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If you’ve got the Alexa or Google app ‘send me a sample’ installed try this on your Echo or Home device 👍 It was out of stock for us but worked for another friend. If it doesn’t work try again later or tomorrow morning.

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Some decent prices in The North Face Sale
e.g. £190 jackets for £114 or £25 beanies for £15

Likes: 33 Comments: 48 Shares: 3
Oral-B Toothbrush users? Genuine 8 pack of replaceable heads for £12.49

Likes: 26 Comments: 23 Shares: 0
Don't expect the same quality as Apple but could be ideal for kids - Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones for £7.99 when you buy the lightning deal and apply the 10% off promotion

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Dog owners?
Buy a Dog Food Mat for £2.99 (dropped from £11.99) and get 2 metal dog bowls for free OR if you don't want/need dog food mats check the second link for other options

1) Go to and click 'promotions' and then click 'Receive 1 🌟 FREE 🌟 2 Pack Dog Bowls Set free Add Both to basket' OR go and add another item (it should work with most of them but not all)
2) Then go to and add another bowl
3) Go to checkout and you should pay £2.99

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LIGHTNING deal redeem 60% promotion on screen on use code
£8.25 Wireless earbuds

Likes: 14 Comments: 31 Shares: 1

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