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2 years with our Ninja AirFryer, are these actually worth the hype?

We've been long fans of AirFryers. We tested our first in 2014, and it was stable in our kitchen until we finally replaced it in 2022 with a Ninja AF451; however, after 2 years, would we still say the Ninja AF451 (or similar) is worth the money? Read our longterm review below: Things we love

The £800 Robot Vacuum & Mop Review (Anker Eufy X10 Pro Omni)

We've long been fans of robotics in the household and workplace, we had our first robot vacuum on test back in 2015 and had our first robot mower in 2016, ever since we've used robots for cleaning and cutting grass, we've even got one that cleans windows, they're massive time savers and whilst a small

Is this £250 smokeless fire pit worth the money? We review the Solostove Bonfire 2.0

If there is one thing about us you should know, it's that when we buy products, we will spend hours, if not days, reading reviews, watching videos, and learning about the alternatives before finally making a purchase decision, this is especially true if we're recommending these same products to 10ways users. There is a lot

Anker MagGo 10K Power Bank Review

We were gifted this item to review; however, this is an honest review and was published without Anker's approval. We took this Anker MagGo 10,000 mAh battery bank to Silverstone F1 this year to test it, and it did the job with ease, we would argue it's slightly too big for a day trip out

How to save money at the Formula 1 at Silverstone

The Formula 1 is expensive, criminally so in places with Silverstone attempting to profit at almost every single opportunity, we were surprised they weren’t charging for the toilets, to be honest; however, with enough advanced notice, you can improve your day whilst saving some money and avoiding some of the crazy queues. Take a backpack