Poundland sells items for £3 and with no price ticket! Disgusting and illegal!

Poundland sells items for £3 and with no price ticket! Disgusting and illegal!

‘How Much is that?’ Silly question often heard in Poundland, but not today!

Don’t be fooled by thinking these Nivea gift sets stacked beside the tills are a bargain if you’re in one of their stores today.

They are actually £3! And yes not a sign or price tag anywhere. Where I questioned the cashier she said ‘They are £3 and that’s why that are only at the tills’

My experience of Poundland is that they often try to sell you more at the tills but never something for more than £1.

Yes you may think £3 is a bargain price, but what else are they going to start to stock that doesn’t fit with their brand name!! #3POUNDLAND


Should 'Pound Shops' be allowed to sell items worth more than £1?

Thanks to TJ for words & picture

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in our poundshop you have to send a certain amount say ten pounds then they offer you the set or soap powder etc for 3,4,5, pound depending on what it is ,


This is absurd, it is not illegal at all. Every company has *prices are subject to change* that means at any point they can change prices of products without customers prior notice and they do not need to be clearly labelled at all, that is up to the owners. Staff are encouraged not to tell people the price? clearly made up bullshit, what would they say? I don’t know how much that is, find out at the till… haha it’s been scanned at the till now the customers can’t possibly say no thanks I thought it would be £1! such… Read more »


The reason they are at the till is so that everytime someone picks it up the staff member can tell them that it’s £3 and ask of they are sure they still want to buy it. Along as they do this everytime it think it’s OK. I must admit that putting a sticker on it would be easier though.

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