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Amazon appear to have price-matched Superdrug on their 3 for 2 on beauty promotion
Amazon > (13 items)
Superdrug > (173 items)
↪ Amazon also have these beauty promotions/deals >

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An Argos employee this week has stopped two AirFryer resellers from buying multiple AirFryers in an attempt to make £150 profit per unit! Brilliant move by Argos or a ridiculous one? What are your thoughts?! Video on

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🎄 50% off everything at Lights4Fun (for 24 hours only) (includes brands like Twinkly)
+ they have an up to 80% off sale live as well on

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Heated Ultra-soft Fleece Electric Blanket - Charcoal £38.99
Three different temperature settings you are sure to stay warm throughout the winter. 100W so to run for 1 hour would cost ~£0.03 (based on October 2022 Price Cap @ 34p/kWh).

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Bit of an odd one but if you follow these steps to sign up to TikTok you will get a £17 Amazon voucher!
1) Sign up to TikTok using this link (if those don't work use code CF44461931)
2) Go to the rewards page (present icon on your profile)
3) Check in daily for 7 days on this rewards page
4) Get a £17 Amazon gift card.
5) Optional, remember to follow us on Tiktok.
Terms apply.

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Nerf Elite 2.0 Volt SD-1 Dart Blaster just £6

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🎁 Aldi new special buys are live
↪ Also Sale is on >

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