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Converse All Star Lift Hi Platform Trainers £50 (saving 37%)
↪ Other sale shoes >

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65 Inch 4K Smart Fire TV £322.99

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Amazon has just launched a 'Voucher Party' on
Basically, a bunch of vouchers for Spring, valid today until 26th

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Ferrero Rocher 30 pack for £5.55 delivered (with Prime)

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This site pays on average ~£40 per hour (although to be clear this is often split into 10-30 min chunks) for Market Research studies, here is how it works:

1) You sign up, via our link which gives you an ~£8 extra boost compared with going direct + we get a small thank you as well from the site >>

2) You apply for market research studies, via the website (they tell you upfront the amount you will get paid, what they're looking for and how long it will take). They do also email you new ones as well but checking on the site is likely best. You should be applying for 3+ per week ideally.

3) If you get accepted they email or phone you to confirm everything

4) You join the session (could be Zoom, Survey, Group Call, Focus Group etc) at the correct time etc and complete the tasks.

5) You get emailed payment (for each session), you sometimes can cash these out but most of the time it's a gift voucher (e.g. we often just pick Amazon but there are normally a wide selection including UK supermarkets etc)

6) Repeat



► What sort of thing will I be talking about?
This depends on what you apply for, your current job/hobbies/lifestyle choices etc and what you get accepted for. For instance, if you were a small business owner with a dog you would likely be accepted to different market research to that of a supermarket employee with 2 young children.

► How much am I going to get paid?
This varies quite a bit depending on the task, required expertise (if any) and company wanting the information. However, for an example we've seen a 30 minute website usability check give just over £15, a 30 minute interview about banking apps give $30 (~£24) and $10 (~£8) for a 10 minute website check.

► The site is in USD Dollars, will I get paid in £GBP?
Most things come in the form of USD, however, when claiming your vouchers you can select GBP so all is good. Check the wording on each study to confirm how you will get paid.

If you have any more questions, there website has a FAQ section and how to videos etc.

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£12.10 Tommy Jeans Men's Original Jersey T-Shirt

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£77 The North Face Men's Antora Jacket

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Women’s Crystal Pendant – Rose Gold - Enter code BEAUTIFUL at checkout and it knocks the price down to £2.24 delivered

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