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Tea & Cream Scones For 2 for £2.99 and over 120 Locations!

Likes: 61 Comments: 96 Shares: 15
Sorry we made an error on our last post, tomorrow's 99p Big Mac deal is going to be nationwide at roughly 1173 locations, however, 127 of them are excluded (we've added the list of excluded locations on the link below).

Likes: 74 Comments: 413 Shares: 57
50 x Photo prints (6x4) for 99p with code 50FREEPC19

50 free prints, just pay 99p P&P

Likes: 87 Comments: 381 Shares: 17

We appreciate spending £400 on a robot lawnmower at first doesn't seem like a great way to have more money in your life but this is one of top 3 favourite gadgets purely because of the endless hours of saved time since we purchased this back in 2016, time that we've used to work and therefore earn money or simply spent with family or doing other things around the house instead.

Ours silently cuts the grass every other day (excluding Sat+Sun) from 9am-11am with all the cuttings going back into the grass to feed it.

Highest price: £998
Average price: £517
Lowest price: £399.99 (1p more)

Shout if you have any questions, we're happy to try and answer them all.

The negatives: For the first few months you will find yourself just stood watching it! You do have to lay a wire (included) all the way around the edge of your grass, this took us about 3 hours all in but once it was done you don't do anything. It doesn't cut the edges of the grass unless you have perfectly level hardstanding next to all the edges of your grass (unlikely). It can sometimes get stuck if you have wet grass and an incline etc. If you have a dog it doesn't know the difference between grass and dog poo!

The positives: no cables, no petrol/long power cables, no box of grass to put in the bin, no time spent mowing every week/month (the biggest positive), no worries if you go away on holiday, a tidy garden without any work and people will compliment your green thumbs even though you've done literally nothing.

Likes: 67 Comments: 334 Shares: 4
Superb price for this Bosch Professional set - £12.99 (was £28)
Ideal stocking filler?

Likes: 54 Comments: 134 Shares: 3
Amazon's Fire HD 10 Tablet £99.99 (or £109.99 without special offers) today only

This makes it the lowest ever price.

Likes: 15 Comments: 10 Shares: 1

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