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Love Amazon but hate all the endless boxes? These tips will help you lower your carbon footprint/impact of buying from Amazon.

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Software sale, Odeon Bulk Buy, Sparkler recall, £5 off Prezzybox, Cheap JD

► Humble software bundle up to 80% off from £2.44

► Groupon Cinema deal is back
Two (save 75p/ticket) or Five (save £1.75/ticket) Cinema Tickets
Valid until 17th Dec

► Sparkler recall, worth checking

► Wuntu app free £5.00 voucher redeem on prezzybox (new customers)

► Jack Daniels reduced to £18 in M0rrisons

Likes: 23 Comments: 10 Shares: 2
Has anyone tried these Yankee Candle Dupes?

Note: Article is from 2017 but Aldi are selling a bunch atm as well

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Lighting deal £9.99
2in 1 Heated and Cooler Car Seat Cushion

Likes: 5 Comments: 15 Shares: 1
Damn these look good and a decent price at Lidl!

Likes: 296 Comments: 828 Shares: 19

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