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I wish we smiled this much when cleaning! 😂 Anyway, Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner now £149 (saving £100)

Likes: 26 Comments: 33 Shares: 1
Aldi have reduced to clear some of their special buys
e.g. Petrol Compactor 13% off, Furniture Set 17% off, Rocking Chair 23% off, outdoor seating 33% off etc

Likes: 15 Comments: 5 Shares: 2
Amazon Basics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries 2400mAh (24-Pack) Pre-charged £16.82

Likes: 29 Comments: 9 Shares: 1
Persil Colour Liquid Laundry Detergent for £5.58 + buy 4 and get 5% off or savings with S+S
Tesco: £6.75-£7.50
Waitrose £7
Ocado £6 + delivery
Asda: £6
Sainsburys: £7
Wilko: £7

Likes: 18 Comments: 3 Shares: 4
These double-walled glass mugs are great, and there is an offer on them, get 4 for £12.50 when you click the 50% off voucher on screen!

Likes: 43 Comments: 42 Shares: 1
SONOS Move Portable Wireless Multi-room Speaker £299

Likes: 20 Comments: 5 Shares: 1

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