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Can all Chinese & Indian takeaways please make it public knowledge the threshold for FREE Prawn Crackers or Popadoms with an order, there is nothing worse in life than when you try a new takeaway, and they don't include them or worse you order and pay for them and then sit there constantly doubting yourself on whether it was a good financial decision or not 😂 Anyone else?

► Got something (money related) you want to get off your chest? Send us a message with it and include the word 'Anon' if you prefer to stay anonymous.

Likes: 472 Comments: 56 Shares: 6
#ad - Asda George have these matching Scandi kettles, microwaves & toasters in their sale, vast majority get great reviews from buyers!
Kettle £19, Toaster £25, Microwave £55

Likes: 42 Comments: 34 Shares: 1
Do you constantly kill houseplants? If yes, join us on the secret side of planting with these we've only managed to kill 1 plant in the past ~4 years since owning 5 of these 'self-watering' plant pots!
18cm x 14cm >
21cm x 20cm >
28cm x 26cm >

Likes: 63 Comments: 51 Shares: 16
#Ad - Asking for a friend, is it acceptable in 2022 to ask my partner to push this around the house topless serving me chilled drinks on a weekend afternoon?
Save £5 (now £30) on

Likes: 40 Comments: 38 Shares: 1
This Sunday from 8am the Aldi website is going to be busy! These Velvet Footstools with built-in flippable trays are coming back for £64.99!
➡ ➡ ⬅ ⬅
They have 217 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews!
↪ if you cannot find them try on

Likes: 90 Comments: 117 Shares: 4
#ad Stitch Range At Asda George 😍

Likes: 32 Comments: 151 Shares: 7
Having kids is mostly lovely but summer holiday price hikes really suck, does anyone know anywhere that doesn't do it?

Likes: 297 Comments: 61 Shares: 66

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