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Amazon has got this De'longhi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Capsule Coffee Machine for £89.99 BUT if you add the machine with 3 boxes of Starbucks coffee to your basket the price drops to £69.99! So ordering more lowers the price!
Thanks to Sarah

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BA Flight sale is actually decent
"We have 600,000 seats to Europe for under £39 each-way to get you to those soothing hot pools, secluded beaches, vibrant night markets or famous landmarks."

Likes: 109 Comments: 135 Shares: 30
Highland Cow Slippers just £7
↪ They also have this adorable Highland Cow Doorstop >

Likes: 96 Comments: 198 Shares: 20
UPDATE: Seems this lower price didn't last long but you can still get it for ~£24 a month

We made an error on our last post (the Google phone deal), we had missed a lower price elsewhere which was rather obvious when we looked a second time (thank you to those that rightly pulled us up on it, #TeamWork). If anyone ordered, they can get this cancelled and refunded. Here is the superior offer for anyone interested, supposedly the cost of this phone will increase across the UK over the weekend as Google changes the funding on this. 20GB/Unlimited Mins/Texts and £0 upfront cost on a £21p/m contract on

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A decent Google Pixel 6 Phone Deal
20GB 5G Data.
Unlimited Minutes.
Unlimited Texts.
Google Pixel 6 5G 128GB Stormy Black (worth £499)
£251.99 upfront (use code 10ways6 to knock the £20 off)
and then £21 per month (for 2 years)
+ FREE Google Nest Bundle (worth £138.99)
1) Buy this
2) On the basket page (at the bottom of the page) enter code 10ways6
3) Claim the free Nest Bundle 14-45 calendar days after purchase > (add the date to your diary)

The code ends 30th September. Terms and conditions apply.

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3-Pot Slow Cooker and Buffet Server £39.99 delivered
Amazon >
B&Q (different brand but looks identical) >

Price comparison:
Argos: £80 (
Wowcher: £48.08 (
Robert Dyas: £49.94 (

Likes: 22 Comments: 7 Shares: 3
Everything you 'need' to know about today's Government announcements:

► Income Tax: The basic rate of income tax will be cut to 19p (was 20p) in April 2023 and the top rate of tax (45p) for higher earners (funds earned over £150K) is to be abolished so it will be just the 40p rate (for those funds earned over £50,271).

► National Insurance: An increase in National Insurance has been reversed (was a 1.25 percentage point increase in April) from November 6th

► Houses: The threshold before stamp duty is paid has been raised to £250,000 - for first time buyers it is raised to £425,000

► Businesses: A planned rise (19% > 25%) in corporation tax has been scrapped

► Businesses: 38 new low-tax investment zones will be set up across the UK

► VAT-free shopping for tourists will come

► Bankers: The cap on bankers' bonuses has been lifted.

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The Duvet for couples that really would prefer to sleep alone but society dictates they must sleep together 😂 These are supposedly great if you have one partner that is always cold and one that sweats in December!

£27.50 on (King)

↪ Or down to £30 delivered with code FREE4U
↪ 1p cheaper at Aldi (but you have to pay delivery of £2.95 unless you spend over £30 so more expensive unless you're buying other items) >

Likes: 231 Comments: 211 Shares: 76
Keter GF06784 Corfu Outdoor 4 Seater Rattan Sofa Furniture Set £169.99 (was £349)

Likes: 36 Comments: 7 Shares: 4

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