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Back in the day on a Friday night we would be out at the club, and now we're writing about condensation on windows 😂 We hope this helps!

Likes: 44 Comments: 31 Shares: 8
Can anyone beat this unnecessarily amount of packaging for one item? Imagine the real cost of shipping!

Likes: 62 Comments: 53 Shares: 2
Yankee Candle Gift Set + Holder (large box at the back of the photo) £13.99 (dropped from ~£20)

Likes: 36 Comments: 24 Shares: 1
So apparently 50% of being a homeowner is hearing strange noises and hoping they are made by ghosts because you can't afford to fix them. 😂🤦‍♂️

Likes: 639 Comments: 147 Shares: 71

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