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A potentially worthwhile reminder that John Lewis price matches, you can submit a price match request before or up to 28 days after buying!

Learn more on

We found an item £20 cheaper elsewhere (thanks to Google Shopping) and submitted a request, within 3 hours we had approval for the partial refund once we placed the order and it had arrived.

We placed the order, it arrived today, we emailed back with the order number and the refund is now being processed.

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Did you get your FREE Google Mini?

Existing Google One (Cloud Storage) customers only.
Promotional code offer is provided by Google for use on the Google Store GB only, and subject to the following terms. Offer ends 3 October 2019. Only available to users who've activated a Google One account before 11 September 2019. Code is valid for one redemption per Google One plan. Must be aged 18 or older. User must have Internet access, and must have or add a form of payment at checkout.

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DualShock 4 Controller Steel Black £34.85


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"Yo, Durex pleasure me 6 pack scanning at 60p each at Asda as opposed to 2 for £16" - unsure if nationwide - thanks to Anon (the horny but safe devil)

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OMG! Buy a Nintendo Switch Lite and get Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for free

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Xbox One 1TB S with Two Controllers + Fifa 20 + The Division 2 + NowTV pass all for £199!

Or if you only want the one controller get the same combo as above but with Gears 5 included >

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Spend £7 on films, TV series or merch etc at home and get 2 x Odeon Cinema Tickets for FREE!

- You can also utilise the 50% off welcome bonus

Cinema Vouchers will be sent in the form of two codes to be redeemed on Codes will be sent via email by 2.10.19. Codes must be redeemed by
31.10.19. Voucher is not valid for Premier, Club, D-Box, or any other premium priced seating. Not valid for
3D, IMAX, ISENSE, Gallery, ODEON Event Cinema, ODEON Kids, ODEON Silver Cinema, ODEON Newbies,

Full T&Cs >

Not a sponsored post.

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Epic Games - Free Batman Game Collections! (worth £95)

LEGO Batman: The Videogame
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
Batman™: Arkham Asylum
Batman™: Arkham City
Batman™: Arkham Knight

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