Man complains to Vue on social & get’s a response + 14,000 people agreeing with him!

Man complains to Vue on social & get’s a response + 14,000 people agreeing with him!

We all think about complaining when we feel ripped off but Dean Mcquade from York probably want’s expecting his post to get 14,000 likes & over 1000 shares but now Vue have responded. W

I’m no penny pincher & after been at work all week, when it gets to the weekend I want to do something with my kids but come on vue £5,50 for these, £5,50!!! There must be more than £5 profit in that! Put that with the ticket prices a drink & some sweets for them your looking at £70. That means a man of 25 on national minimum wage has to graft 10hrs to take 2 kids to the cinema for 1.5hrs on his day off. Madness.

Vue responded as best as they could:

“Hi there. It is a generally well-reported fact that the majority of the money taken at the box office goes to the film maker/distributor; therefore in order to make cinemas a viable business all cinemas charge premium prices for the food and drinks sold.”  Continues after poll…


Are you a cinema food smuggler?

“The alternative is to charge a higher price for tickets which would restrict more people from enjoying the cinema. However, this said we do aim to provide value and you will find a variety of combos and special offers that do save you money.”

Please note that you are able to bring your own food and drink into the cinema rather than purchasing from our confectionary stands. This is with the exception of hot food or alcohol. I am sorry for any distress caused and I hope this answers your query. – Jade”

What about these Smuggling Techniques?

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