Saving money at Greggs (from some current employees)

Saving money at Greggs (from some current employees)

Grab the Greggs Rewards App, you get a free Birthday gift, often at least 1 or 2 freebies each month & various other discounts and savings.

The policy is to not make custom sandwiches but if you are really nice about it they will happily swap ingredients in a sandwich and charge you for the nearest option on the till.

Always say you are taking away as they will charge you less. Even if you sit down after the staff are not allowed to ask you to pay the extra.

Always check to see if buying 3 doughnuts at a time is the same price as 2, often it is.

Many more small things but she says unlike other fast food places the hygiene standards are incredibly high with regular internal inspections

If your pasty or anything is cold go back and you’ll get a free hot drink plus a fresh pasty. Usually, this is around £2.30 ish.

Anonymous, if you go to Greggs and you get rubbish customer service or a burnt pasty ring customer service and they will send you a text with a code that has £8 or more depending on the complaint.

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