HomeBargains Paternity Tests a huge hit with £500,000 in profit! (as used by Jeremy Kyle) + how to get it cheaper!

HomeBargains Paternity Tests a huge hit with £500,000 in profit! (as used by Jeremy Kyle) + how to get it cheaper!

290 HomeBargains stores stock the £4.99 (+£99 when you send it off) Paternity Tests.

AlphaBiolabs a Warrington based company has sold the DIY home kits for 18 months at the retailer and has seen ‘fantastic sales figures’ [circa 3000 sales] even though it’s actually £4.99 cheaper to buy it directly from their website…

David Thomas, boss of AlphaBiolabs said:

‘We were convinced that consumers wanted the option of being able to see the product and walk away with it in their basket,’

‘These fantastic sales figures proved we were right, and we’re proud that we are the first laboratory in the UK to offer an off the shelf paternity test, supported by our first class 24-hour turnaround service.’

‘The results we provide can be life-changing and we appreciate it can be a sensitive and worrying time,’

If you’re in an emergency, they have walk-in centres across the country (London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool) and for £149, you will get next-day results that are accepted by the Ministry of Justice, family law courts, The Child Support Agency and the Jeremy Kyle show!

Or you could save yourself £99-£149 by doing what Jeremy Kyle recommends:


‘put something on the end of it’.


The home kits can be purchased from their website & condoms are available for free from some NHS buildings, all family planning centres and often student unions etc.


Are you guilty of buying something just because it's endorsed by a celebrity?

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