Teenager from Milton Keynes secures FREE education at Cambridge University (worth ~£60K a year)

Teenager from Milton Keynes secures FREE education at Cambridge University (worth ~£60K a year)

An extraordinary journey: An Indian teenager, who moved to Milton Keynes just three years ago for a better education, has clinched a full scholarship to study at Cambridge University’s prestigious King’s College.

Oishik Mandal, who goes by the nickname “Rich,” convinced his parents to relocate from India to Milton Keynes to follow his dream of studying music at the highest level. Arriving in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Rich faced the daunting task of adapting to a new education system and preparing for his GCSE exams in just eight months.

With remarkable discipline, Rich dedicated seven to eight hours daily to his studies, overcoming significant curriculum differences from his previous school in India. His hard work paid off as he passed nine GCSEs with top grades. Now, he is pursuing A Levels in Further Mathematics, Physics, and Music, with expectations of achieving stellar results.

Music has been Rich’s passion since childhood. Trained in Indian Classical Music from the age of two, he became a musical prodigy and a familiar face on Indian television by age four. His deep commitment to music guided his university choice, leading him to opt for music as his major at King’s College, Cambridge.

The journey wasn’t without hurdles. Despite being accepted into the highly selective program—one of only five students admitted annually—Rich faced a financial challenge due to his international student status, which carried a hefty price tag of around £60,000 per year. Undeterred, Rich secured the Royal Scholarship from the Royal College of Music, a rare honour occasionally awarded to one student across all subjects by King’s College.

Currently, Rich is focused on his A Levels and composing music in his home studio. His talent has already been recognized through multiple UK composer contests, with his works performed at the renowned Gloucester Cathedral. His YouTube channel, where he shares his compositions, boasts over 1.2K subscribers.

Rich’s father, Kamales Mandal told MK Citizen that he sees his son’s scholarship not just as a personal triumph but as a celebration of music.

“It’s a story of determination, talent, and passion for music. As he steps into the hallowed halls of King’s College, he carries the hopes of his family, community, and countless young dreamers aspiring to study music,” Kamales said.

Rich’s journey is a powerful testament to the impact of passion and perseverance. As a newly minted music scholar, he aims to inspire others to follow their dreams and encourages parents to support their children’s aspirations. His story is a beacon of hope, proving that with dedication and a bit of support, even the loftiest dreams can become reality.]

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