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Philips Fidelio X2HR High-Resolution Headphones £109.99
Lowest ever price. Superb reviews.

Likes: 12 Comments: 7 Shares: 0
Does anyone rideshare into work? If yes, what's good and what's bad about it? Are they colleagues or randomers? Have you saved money? Thanks.

Likes: 20 Comments: 28 Shares: 0
Anthem Game & Playstation DualShock 4 V2 Controller £39.99
Pick from White, Black, Blue or Red

Likes: 16 Comments: 39 Shares: 6
Although probably every 10ways household has one of these, it's a worthy reminder that the Anker Astro E1 battery is down to £10.99 today

Likes: 31 Comments: 28 Shares: 2
Free Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Bake or Cheese & Onion at Greggs on their app (appears to be selected customers but may appear between today and Thurs)

Spicy Chicken and Pepperoni Bake Giveaway

1. The free Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Bake reward (the ‘Reward’) will appear on 200,000 current Greggs Rewards members’ accounts between the 8th October and the 10th October 2019. These specified accounts will be chosen by Greggs on the basis of members with the highest spend value in the weeks leading up to the Reward giveaway.

2. The Reward must be redeemed by 31st October 2019 after which the Reward will expire and will no longer be capable of being redeemed.

3. The Reward entitles a member to a free Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Bake or a Cheese & Onion Bake.

4. The Reward is not valid in conjunction with any other offer

5. This Reward has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for any other product or cash

6. Greggs plc reserves the right to withdraw this Reward at any time.

7. Greggs plc reserves the right to substitute any product within this promotion at its absolute discretion

8. Greggs Rewards transactions may not be available in all of Greggs franchise outlets, so eligible members may not be able to redeem the Reward in a Greggs franchise outlet (for example those operated by Moto, Euro Garages and Applegreen). It will also not be available at the Wolverhampton Hospital Greggs shop.

9. To redeem the Reward, members simply need to select the Spicy Chicken & Pepperoni Bake and tell the Team Member at the Greggs shop that they are redeeming it through Greggs Rewards. Eligible members will then generate a code (9 digit or QR code) through the Greggs smartphone app and scan in shop. The Reward will be automatically redeemed.

10. The promoter is Greggs plc of Greggs House, Quorum Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne NE12 8BU
Not a paid-for post.

Likes: 25 Comments: 96 Shares: 5
Google Wi-Fi Mesh System £69 (was £124.99)
Lowest ever price from Amazon.

Likes: 23 Comments: 19 Shares: 0
For one week try spend a few minutes everyday unsubscribing from all the email newsletters you don’t really care about, it will help clear your mind, stop temptations, speed up the rest of the year and help to stop the embarrassment that is your inbox icon!

P.s. on iPhone you can turn the numbers from showing.

Also, there are 3rd party services that can help with this but all the ones we looked at didn’t actually unsubscribe for you, they just sort of hid them and then had a valid excuse to read all your emails for their targeted ads... so the old school way is best IMHO 👍

Likes: 50 Comments: 56 Shares: 2

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