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[Prime Users Only] Meta Quest 2 for £179 + £23 in credit! #ad
Remember to claim £23 in credit by using this referral code before turning it on >

Likes: 7 Comments: 4 Shares: 1
Impress the people down the old folk's home with this Parker Jotter Originals Ballpoint Pen for just £5 (no Sun life insurance required) #ad
Jokes aside these are decent, and it's a good price.

Likes: 22 Comments: 5 Shares: 0
Another random deal - Under Armour Rival Fleece Fz Hoodie in LARGE ONLY for just £19.80 (was £41.97) #ad

Likes: 2 Comments: 1 Shares: 0
A rather random deal but for Nike fans who like Basketball and are SIZE LARGE ONLY you can grab this for just £8.29 #ad
Was £25.58.

Likes: 0 Comments: 0 Shares: 0
Think of all the time saved with these Glasses holders! Starting from £15 on #ad
↪ Not your thing? See the other offers on

Likes: 23 Comments: 15 Shares: 0
#ad Get 25% off at Harvester, Stonehouse, Toby Carvery, Ember Inns or Sizzling Pubs for Octopus Energy customers (with Smart Meters) - Available Monday to Thursday only.

How to claim:
1) Ensure you're a customer (if not sign up via and we both get £50)

2) Register for Octoplus (free rewards system within Octopus Energy) on

3) Go to Octoplus Rewards (within Octoplus) and within your My Account Page

4) Book a table
Harvester >
Stonehouse >
Toby Carvery >
Ember Inns >
Sizzling Pubs >

Terms apply.

Likes: 7 Comments: 4 Shares: 2
These are £3.75-£4.50 elsewhere! 3 x Biscoff Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Sticks for just £2.25 on #ad
+ NEW CUSTOMERS get £5 of a £45 spend with code ICEFIVEOFF45 and everyone gets Free Next Day Delivery
when you spend £40+

Likes: 8 Comments: 0 Shares: 0
Replace existing outdoor lights with these lights that has a built-in 2K CCTV Camera (with no monthly fee) and 1 million colour choices (ideal for Christmas/Halloween etc) but best of all buy right now and save £50 as they're now on offer! Buy for £99 on #ad (or 2 for £169 / £84.50 each)

💡 The light can be turned on and off manually, via timer, via sunset/sunrise times, motion activation, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Voice Assistant.

🌈 Almost 1 million colours, ideal for customising the light for special occasions. You can also dim or brighten.

🚨 Detect motion 30 ft away and send you a real-time notification.

💸 No Monthly Fee: one-time purchase with no monthly fees or hidden costs. With built-in eMMC, it can store event footage locally for up to 25 days.

🖥️ No base or hub is required

Likes: 20 Comments: 12 Shares: 0
📉 iPhone Tripod Stand for just £14.14 (with Bluetooth remote) #ad
Ideal for future filmmakers, social media stars, family group shots etc

Likes: 9 Comments: 2 Shares: 0
[5 Pairs Available] Win 2 Glastonbury 2024 tickets with Tony’s Chocolonely (Oxfam exclusive) Milk Caramel Sea Salt OR Dark Almond Sea Salt Bars (£3.99 each). Available instore or online on #ad. Some of the proceeds go towards Oxfam’s great work, last year they raised £45,000. Promotion ends 21st June 2024. Full terms on

↪ If you just want the chocolate it is £2.50 (£2.38 with S&S) on

Likes: 8 Comments: 0 Shares: 0
These were super popular the other day but there was hardly any stock at Argos so people left disappointed, well Amazon have just price-matched and it's available for immediate delivery!

Upgrade your home security with these motion-sensing outdoor lights with built-in 2K CCTV and solar panels + you don't need to pay a monthly fee for access or need to run any cables! #ad

Likes: 26 Comments: 26 Shares: 2
📉 Anker 100W USB C Charger £34.99 #ad

Likes: 7 Comments: 0 Shares: 0
Wish they did these in Adult Sizes tbh! Save 20% on a bunch of Bluey clothing on #ad
↪ Not your thing? The 20% off works on 3380 items >

Likes: 19 Comments: 50 Shares: 1
These have been flying off the shelves recently, Alexa Controlled Smart Kettle (with 3 year warranty) from Swan, but now they're down to £59.99 (was £79-£95) - Grab them whilst they're low! #ad

Likes: 30 Comments: 98 Shares: 4
They've launched a new Hanging Egg Chair with a gorgeous pattern! 👉 #ad
We normally try and post things when they're on offer but these are so well-reviewed and so many people say they're excellent value for money we thought it worthy of a post (see the plain one for all the great reviews).

Likes: 8 Comments: 0 Shares: 0
Grab a 24-pack of Coca-Cola Zero for £6 on #ad

↪ Prefer Pepsi Max? Get a free bottle on
↪ Or get 2 litres of Pepsi Max for £1.25 on (with S+S)

Likes: 22 Comments: 52 Shares: 3
Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be FREE to play (for EA Play members, PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate members from April 25)

↪ Grab a 1 month subscription for £2.99 on #ad
↪ Grab a 14 day trial for £1 on

Likes: 6 Comments: 0 Shares: 0

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