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Showing search results for: seeds

37 results

How many do you have in your cupboards?

Looking for other uses: They're all great to make candles with, store screws in, to help sort a 'top drawer', pistachios bowls, milk container for cookie/biscuit dipping, spider trapping and removal, bringing your DIY sauces to the table, putting ketchup in to make you look posh, germinate seeds, storing tea bags/spoons by the kettle, storing cut lemons in, poaching an egg in (microwave, YouTube it), to make people think you're posh giving them posh puddings when actually it's just Angel Delight mixed with chocolate sauce, emergency ashtray, storing rendered bacon fat, got half an onion? put it upside down into it and place in the fridge to keep it fresh, making an egg wash in, mixing spices for a curry, made too much pudding? Add leftover mix to these and cook, Jelly, rolling dice in for a board game, paté pots and I'm sure many we've missed!

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Free (technically it's a competition) 50,000 packs of seeds, compost discs and a growing guides from Innocent smoothies.

As always with all freebies/competitions consider using an alias email or a unique email address that can be easily blocked (e.g. Blur/MaskMe).

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Free seeds, Fragrance discount, The Works sale, Free Tidal, Shoe sale, Bedding discounts

► Free innocent grow seeds (use alias details)

► The Fragrance Shop payday event up to 70% off

► The Works up to 80% off

► Groupon Three Months Free of Tidal Music Premium

► Sports Direct canvas sale up to 90% off

► Double + King Bedding sets under £10

Likes: 32 Comments: 17 Shares: 2
Free Heinz Tomato Seeds

Likes: 5 Comments: 9 Shares: 0
20% off Amazon* for students, PS4 combo, Wild Flower Seeds and Cloggs sale

► 20% off selected Amazon products for Student Prime Users (should be you all)
↪ get student prime >

► [New accounts only] Playstation 4 500GB Console + Deus Ex Mankind Divided + Uncharted 4 A Thief's End + No Man's Sky just £203.01!!
1) Add
2) Add
3) Add
4) Add
5) Go to checkout and enter code: SCSEXNSK

► Free Wild Flower Seeds

► Cloggs up to 60% off + extra 25% off with code EXTRA25

Likes: 35 Comments: 84 Shares: 4
Netgear Router, Tropico 4, USC flash sale, GBBO Book, Free seeds, Free bottle OR pump and 50% off soup

► NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 £159.99 Lowest ever price (4h remaining)

► Tropico 4 for Free

► USC up to 80% off + £5 voucher with Click & Collect

► The GBBO's 'Big Book of Baking' - now £5 with O2 Priority

► Free Wild Flower seeds (use alias)

► Free Water bottle OR Bike Pump from Halfords with O2 Priority

► Covent Garden soup 50% off at Morrisons

Likes: 32 Comments: 21 Shares: 2
"What do we want? DEALS! When do we want them NOW!" Enjoy:

► Free Pack of BodyForm

► Amazon Fire TV Stick £29.95! or

► 12 Acrylic Crystal Door Handles £1

► Up to 70% off Clearance at Clarks Shoes

► Free Pack of Wild Flower Seeds

Likes: 54 Comments: 47 Shares: 4
Can we all do our bit and order these, plant them in our gardens, balconies, old boots, streets, shared spaces, old wellington boots, boxes or even buckets and help bees & other pollinators this year.

➡ ➡ ⬅ ⬅

Remember anything that will hold soil, water and seeds will do.

Likes: 137 Comments: 62 Shares: 55
Android Phone, Washing Machine, Skateboard, Tomato Seeds, NowTV box & MissGuided double discount

► Honor 5X Android Smartphone for £149.99
PRICE INCREASED :( (3 colours)
- 5.5" 1080x1920 Display
- 2GB Ram with Snapdragon 615 1.5GHz Processor
- 16GB Storage + MicroSD Slot

► Beko Washing Machine £169

► 22” Buddies Skateboard £12.69
*free delivery

► Free Tomato Seeds (limited stock each day, resets at midnight)

► Sky NowTv Box for £19.95 + 6 months of Sky Entertainment included
No dish needed, just the box + internet.
Channels including: MTV, ITV Encore, Sky Arts, Comedy Central, Sky Living, Sky 1, The Disney Channel and over 150 box sets that can be viewed on demand.

► Miss guided 60% off sale + code babe20 for extra 20% off

Likes: 21 Comments: 19 Shares: 1
A rap (by the legend that is Brett Domino)
+ some FREE Wild Flower Seeds
= good for everyone
Order your FREE seeds on (please actually plant them)

Likes: 37 Comments: 5 Shares: 4

Likes: 37 Comments: 10 Shares: 3
Honey Bee Seeds, Wembley, Clinique Set & Free Mascara

► Free Honey Bee Friendly WildFlower Seeds

► Wembley Tour for £12.75 (£6.37pp)
Select PRINT voucher and enter code LEAP
Thanks to Gooner

► Clinique set £16.66 ('lipstick' alone is worth £17)
+ more sets (today only) >

► Free Mascara (worth £11.99) on Monday 29th at Waterloo, Victoria, Liverpool Street & Birmingham New Street stations
+ every 29th retweet wins a Mascara
The Mascara >
The T&Cs etc >
Thanks to Andy

Likes: 35 Comments: 23 Shares: 4
► Free Innocent Smoothie Seeds
Ideal for schools, clubs, groups etc

Likes: 16 Comments: 15 Shares: 8
❎ Deal Finished :( Find yourself missing our deals?
Please read/watch &

Bit random for a post at 2am however a glitch is a glitch!

DO NOT TAKE THE P*SS WITH THIS ONE! Maybe an order for like £10-£15 worth, that still gives you 80% off!

Pretty much unlimited free vegetable/flower/herb seeds. There are two 50% off promo codes (july50 and FBOOK50) to use at which brings the basket total to £0. Just pay the £1.79 P&P

Thanks to Anon

Likes: 74 Comments: 103 Shares: 18
Sony update, Free seeds, Free Farm, Free Makeup Brushes & Bear yoyos

► Sony Playstation online users that have had their accounts hacked are losing money! (Video)
Have you had this happen to you?

► Free Seeds
Out of stock but can sign up to get alerted when back in stock
Thanks to Leanne & Anon

► Free Farm Sunday

► Free £39.90 makeup brush set
FINISHED for now but might return!
Add to basket and then use code LAMORA77

*free delivery with Prime on or free on £20 spend, otherwise £3.99 - Thanks to Georgia

► Bear Yoyos from £3.80 with subscribe and save
In the supermarkets 18 (on offer) would cost £7.20
*free delivery with Prime on or free on £20 spend, otherwise £3.99

Likes: 47 Comments: 95 Shares: 3
⬇ Golden Wonder Crisps, iTunes Vouchers, Free Sunflower Seeds, Superdrug fragrance sale & 128GB USB3 stick

► Free Pack of Golden Wonder Crisps from KeyStore (newsagents/corner shops)
Stores in Banbury, Dumbarton, Glasgow, GUILDFORD STREET, LONDON, Doncaster, Dewsbury & Tyne & Wear
Thanks to Anon

► £50 iTunes voucher for £39.89 with code
↪ get code from (must be on PC)

► Free Giant Sunflower Seeds (4000 available)

► Superdrug Must End Today Sale
Failing that check out >, &

► 128GB USB3 memory stick £22.99

Likes: 25 Comments: 8 Shares: 0
Birmingham hotel, Amsterdam 2nights, CPU Liquid Cooler, Free Seeds & Gadget Cleaner

► £6 Hotel Room in Birmingham (or £16 with breakfast) on April 23rd (other dates might be available) ❎ Deal Finished :( Find yourself missing our deals?
Please read/watch
Thanks to Joe

► Amsterdam £79pp for 2 nights inc flights + hotel or 3 nights £139pp
+ tons more getaways on the website - Thanks to Sam

► H55 PC CPU Liquid Cooler £39.99
↪ Review >

► More free seeds (USE ALIAS INFO) - Thanks to Anon

► Gadget Cleaner £3.79 delivered
Decent reviews + original price £16 - Thanks to Anon

Likes: 49 Comments: 86 Shares: 7
Has everyone claimed every freebie listed here?

► Free Walkers Crisps >
► Free* McVitie's pack of DeliChoc biscuits >
► Free Essay Reference App >
► Free O2 Wifi (for everyone) >
► Free* KitKat 16 pack (new users) > *money gets refunded

► Free** Alton Towers tickets >
► Free Hot Drink + Cake (3 times a year) >

► Free Snack box >
► Free Kindle Book >
► Free Cat Purina Food >
► Free Atkins Chocolate Bar (spam warning) >

► Free Burn Skin Cream >
► Free L'Oreal Hologram nail varnish for selected users > (go to ‘test products’ after signing up)
► Free Tabasco >
► Free Soup Booster with code FSB415 > (some still getting for free, but was trying to charge us P&P)

► Free Aussie Shampoo >
► Free products at Co-op >
► Free/Win Olay Total Effects >
► Free Volvo Light Paint >
► Free Millies Cookies >
► £10 Takeaway for £5 > & then >
► Free Dove Body Wash (with code GRALP4) >

► Free Protein >
► Free Protein Bar >
► Free Ice-cream > (14th April)
► Free Dosing Device >
► Free Titanfall Season Pass > (PC)
► Free £65 pillow >
► Free EE Charger > (from 16th April)
► Free Solar Panels >
► Free 3 day Gym session >
► Free Sim Card (we recommend/use) >
► Free Wild Seeds >

*money gets refunded
**free to sign up for the first month but must pay for 2nd month at £7.99

Likes: 30 Comments: 38 Shares: 4
We know lots of people moan about not getting healthy freebies so here you go (three at least)

Free Veg Seeds >
Free Snack box >
Free Wild Flower Seeds >
Free Dove Body Wash >
Free Aussie Body Wash >
Free Tempur £65 Pillow >

Found any other freebies worth shouting about?

Likes: 51 Comments: 26 Shares: 8
Adidas Sale, Dorothy Perkins, Expedition Watch, Dockers Shorts & Wild Seeds

► Up to 50% off Adidas + extra 20% off with code EXTRA20
Thanks to Anon

► Up to 50% off Dorothy Perkins + extra 10% off
Try code 987654321987654321
Thanks to Anon

► £10.54 Expedition watch (was £39)
Thanks to Anon

► £65 Dockers Shorts for £10.80
↪ + loads more on
Thanks to Anon

► Free Wild Seeds
They will be a haven for bees, butterflies and birds.

Likes: 42 Comments: 20 Shares: 2
What tech we take on holiday, £5 off £40.50 spend at Aldi, A3 Laminator, Cities Skylines game & some more freebies

Sorry this post ended up being massive in the end as we got excited about holiday, hope you find it useful:

► Pack of 5 UK > EU Power adapters £2.49

↪ We also take the following with us (among the normal things)
1) A decent 4 gang adapter > or if money is tight >

2) A multiple USB charger >

3) A USB portable charger (ideal for the plane/journey) >

4) A wireless speaker > or or

5) A decent set of noise cancelling headphones > or see

6) Decent cabin bag >

7) A microfibre towel > (also great for the gym) - Very useful for wrapping gadgets in as well

8) Yes we’re this cool > (selfie stick) or on a budget? >

9) The obligatory Kindle >

10) and then finally the single best invention for a holiday + ideal for those who are too lazy to move from your sun lounger > (the Bubba thermal travel keg) - Thanks to Cheryl for original inspiration.

► £5 off £40 spend in Aldi with Thursday’s Daily Mirror / Record (60p)

► A3 Laminator £7.13
will also laminator smaller sizes as well

► Cities Skylines (warning: highly addictive game) £11.99 - Imagine how Sim City should have been! must use code from link below
↪ get 5% off code from (must be on PC)

► A few freebies worth grabbing
↪ Free Tea >
↪ Free Snack box >
↪ Free Fifa Gold Pack >
↪ Free 500ml Bottle of coke >
↪ Free 1.75L bottle of coke >
↪ Free Millie’s Cookie must sign up on
↪ Free Easter Chocolate Slab from Hotel Chocolat >
↪ Free Tomato Seeds >
↪ Free hot drink at Greggs > (install app)

Likes: 48 Comments: 44 Shares: 5
£5 off £10 on Takeaway, Fitbit Flex, Free Tomato Seeds & Mac App Bundle

► £5 off £10 spend on Takeaway (once purchased voucher code is valid until 31 Mar 2015)
1) Check you have a takeaway nearby
2) Register on
3) Buy this for £5

► Fitbit Flex £47.20 with code FIT20

► Free Tomato Seeds
Thanks to Leanne

► Mac Bundle for £30ish + use code ULTRA5 for extra 5% off making it £26ish
Thanks to Jack

Likes: 23 Comments: 38 Shares: 4
We've had loads of requests for this so here is the 2014 Top ONLINE Christmas Calendar list

Just remember 95% of these are asking for your email details, so setup an alias/secondary account for competitions as they will send you tons of emails in the future or sell it on. Use your real name for competitions and ALWAYS check the tick boxes as these calendars are here for one reason - to turn potential customers into customers in the future!

Also lots of them won't work on mobile, so if it's a blank page then most likely it won't work on mobile.

► Superdrug >
► Tosco* Real Food >
► Very >
► Dorset Cereals >
► Debenhams Beauty >
► Jack Wills > or
► New Look > (Twitter)
► O2 >
► EasyJet >
► Bunches (Flowers) >
► Maplins >
► LookFantastic >
► Stylist >
► The Fragrance Shop >
► Fragrance Direct >
► Sports Direct >
► Holland & Barratt >
► National Express >
► Del Monte >
► Santander >
► The Body Shop >
► Argos >
► KFC > > Tweet them to win prizes
► Jet2Holidays > > (Various holidays, trips etc)
► Ferrero Rocher >
► Benefit Makeup > (Pinterest)
► Thompson & Morgan (Plants/Seeds) >
► ShortList > > (Various including £140+ items)
► Bourjois Cosmetics > > (1 of 5 prizes every day)
► The Cornishman (newspaper) >
► RangeMaster Cookers > > Various prizes like tablets
► Patisserie Valerie >
► Cook Italian >
► Carlsberg >
► Rekorderlig Cider >
► Grants Whiskey > > Guess the clue each day via their Twitter/Facebook & then enter it on link
► Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates > > A competition each day
► Gourmet Burger Kitchen > > A competition each day
► Riverford >
► Interflora >
► SudoCrem >
► Clinton Cards >
► Early Learning Centre >
► Butlins >
► Ascot Racecourse >
► Monsoon >
► Emmi Caffe Latte >
► Abel & Cole >
► Russel Hobbs >
► Accessorize >
► Pandora >
► Stabilo (Pens) >
► Soap & Glory > > (have to video yourself saying 'DO A DOODLE’ as many times as you can and then upload to instagram/twitter)
► Hilary’s Blinds > > (various technology up for grabs)
► Haven Holidays > > (various vouchers etc)
► Remington > > (Various prizes, from shavers to hair straighteners)
► Kinder Bueno > (Various prizes but mostly Stockings)
► Flavours of Italy >
► MetQuater (Liverpool only) >
► Cheshire Oaks >
► Foot Asylum (Instagram) >
► Indesit > (seems to have been pulled but might return)
► GOSH makeup >
► Mamas & Papas >
► Grace Cole >
► Phase Eight >
► Charles Clinkard >

► Got more we need to add to the list? Please comment below :)
Thanks to everyone that has helped.

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4TB external hard drive, Xbox One £329 Bundles, Free Sunflower and Apricots, Skylanders XB1/PS4/WiiU and Free Cinema tickets

► 4TB USB3 External Hard drive
The lowest £/GB at the moment

► Xbox One Bundles for £329.00
Add to basket and then use code: CONSOLE
Dragon Age >
Thanks to Bure

► Completely Free 2LB bag of Hulled Sunflower Seeds
↪ Or Apricots >
Very random but thanks to Rebecca for spotting

► Skylanders Swap Force - Starter Pack £19.50 (instead of £52)
Xbox One, WiiU or PS4 and
Thanks to Anon

► Free Cinema Tickets to see "The Hundred-Foot Journey"
↪ Free cinema FAQ's >
Thanks to Maria.


► Keep missing our deals?
Please read/watch

Likes: 35 Comments: 54 Shares: 2
Free tea, free seeds, iPhone 5 repair, posh shirts, dishwasher tablets & Skype group chat

► Free Dorset tea samples
Thanks to Kirsty & everyone else :)

► Free packet of 50 Mystery Brassica seeds
Plant and see what grows…. Only order if you’re going to plant!

► Got an iPhone 5? See if your phone is eligible for free sleep/wake button repair

► £40 voucher for £20 (shirts etc)
Thanks to Anon

► Free Fairy dishwasher tablets

► Skype Group calling is now free
Up to 10 people can chat together (with video)
Will work on Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One starting today.

Likes: 65 Comments: 96 Shares: 20
Samsung Tab 3, Free Torch keyring, Titanfall XB1, Free* Chocolate flutes & Free seeds

UPDATE: Tablet out of stock

► Samsung Tab 3 7” £69 (with code TDX-RDWA for £10 off £50)
Code is only for new account but sure you can find someone ;)
↪ Also check out these:
Toshiba Laptop £239 >

► Free Torch Keyring from Halfords
1) Order a free 'Pay & Go Go Go' sim card insert sim into phone and activate the app, can do for free.
2) Download the app 'Priority moments' app (Android/iOS/Blackberry)
3) Go to and find the item/show them code/app at till
4) Walk away with 'freebie’.
Thanks to Anon

► Titanfall Xbox One £29.99
+ To get extra discount use refer code: ZV22657966 on SIGN up form

► Free* box of Elizabeth Shaw chocolate flutes with the Daily Telegraph
↪ Rememeber you can can get the paper for free by using your MyWait0rse* card on a £5 spend at Waitr0se* to get any of their papers for free, details >
Thanks to Anon

► Free Seeds at The Works
"Popped into store today and the lady behind the till said that because I had a loyalty card (which you can sign up in store for, for free, and you collect points on your purchases) I could have 4 packets of seeds for free. I know it's not for everyone, and I don't know if it's regional or how long the offer lasts, but my local had half a dozen flower seed mixes and a couple of veggie ones too (spinach and cucumber are all I remember).
The packets are normally 59p each, but were also on a 2 for £1 offer. So seems it might be worth an ask if going in store. Thanks to Ellen

Likes: 34 Comments: 40 Shares: 7
Few late night deals, found any bargains today?

► Loads of dresses including Fearne Cotton & Holly Willoughby dresses
+ use code W5 for £5 off £25 or try WFASH for 15% off

► Printable Coupons & Offers from CARING EVERYDAY™
Register on our CARING EVERYDAY™ website now to get printable coupons & great offers, advice & tools to make caring for you and your family a little bit easier.

► Evans Cycles (Convert £5 clubcard vouchers into £10 Evans Cycles)
Convert on
Pretty good if you’ve built up plenty with one of our tricks

► Free Sunflower Seeds
ONLY GET if you’re going to plant them
↪ Also be sure to grab some wild seeds on

Likes: 55 Comments: 14 Shares: 1
Free Ice-cream, Free seeds, Half price kids toys, £12 dresses, 1p chocolates & up to 50% off Clarks shoes

► Free Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream tomorrow (Tuesday 8th)

► Free seeds
Only get if you're planning on planting them
Thanks to Andrew

► Half price kids toy sale at Sainsbobs*
205 items, so might be worth a hunt

► £12 dresses
Thanks to Bobbie

► 1p chocs alert at Tosco*. Butlers caramel and white mixed berry chocs 170g B/C ends: 3282 - bbe 16 th Sept 14. (in store only, location specific)
BE WARNED: Packaging might be different to the photo so go by description and barcode
Thanks to Si

► Up to 50% off Clarks shoes + free delivery
Any Clarks insiders know if they’re doing the Easter treat this year? Go in and say a code word to get a free pair?

Likes: 35 Comments: 20 Shares: 4
37p travel adapter, hayfever tablets, free burger, free delivery at Argos, Free breakfast pot, free tomato seeds, 50p hash browns, £1 off Yoghurt, Cutlery sets & Microsoft office cheapest methods

► Travel European adapter for 37p delivered!
Thanks to Nikesh

► 4 x 30 packs of Hayfever tablets £3.59
Stop paying for the branded variety
Loratadine is Clarityn and Cetirizine is Zirtek and Piriteze
Full selection on thanks to Beccy

► Free GBK burger if you’ve got a Paypal account on your smartphone, worth £6.75 >
Open the Paypal app, Search GBK on the local section then click on a GBK restaurant and click on the voucher, and it will be saved.
↪ Locations >
↪ Details of freebie >
Thanks to Daniel

► Free delivery at Argos for over 1000 items (total of around 3000 now)

► Free breakfast muesli pot thing
Snap a photo and upload it to their FB page and then email [email protected] and they will send you the link to your voucher!
Thanks to Anon

► Win free Tomato seeds
Not the most exciting but nice to grow your own sometimes
Thanks to Jenny


► Tosco* Hash Browns 700g 50p spotted at express store (in store only, location specific)

► £1 off The Collective Gourmet Yoghurt
Voucher in Metro Newspaper or printable version from or

► Cutlery sets going cheap (up to 80% off) + £3.95 P&P or free P&P on £25 spend

► Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office for Mac 2011 for £8.95

Likes: 31 Comments: 63 Shares: 7
Superdry hoodies/shirts, Suit jackets, Unlimited data sim, Milk Chocolate Pretzels, Free sticky toffee pudding, Nails Inc selection, kids recliner & glass coffee table

► Superdry ladies hoodies £18 delivered

↪ 2 x gents Superdry shirts for £30 (RRP: £45 each)

► Suit jackets from £4.15 + £2.98
Selected sizes only but still cracking prices
Thanks to Ruth

► Unlimited data, 300 minutes, 3000 texts £8.64 PAYG
So after the first month you would pay £15 for the same bundle
We’ve seen proof that this is actually unlimited, 50GB+ used.
Alternatively check out >

► Flipz Milk Chocolate Pretzels tubs 283g £1 at Tosco* instore (in store only, location specific)
They are £5.36 on and about £7 in all those american sweet stores.
Thanks to Hana

► Free sticky toffee pudding etc
You have to enter payment details if you don’t want to pay for 2nd box you can cancel.
To guarantee the naughty snacks you will need to click ‘Don’t like’ next to a all the seeds etc.

► Lucky dip selection at Nails Inc (£55 worth for £19.50)
3 to pick from, ends at midnight
Thanks to Sheona


► Baby/Kid Smart Trike Green Recliner (£59, was £119)
↪ Use code TDX-HQ9T for £5 off £30 spend

► Clear gloss coffee table
Supposedly £30 at B&M, thanks to Nick.

► Up to 80% off makeup + extra exclusive 10% off
↪ use code STUDENTCASH10 for extra 10% off make up, £1.99 P&P

Likes: 36 Comments: 53 Shares: 7
► £1 king fleecy mattress protector (IN STORE ONLY)
B/C 1000023497602
Might be store specific but worth a go, this was priced up at £1 so could be nationwide

► Kinder Bueno White scanning through at 10p
(in store only, will be store specific)
Barcode: 8076 1761
Be careful, seems two different packaging one at full price & one at lower price. The one in photo is correct.
Thanks to Gemma for photo

► McDonalds Quality Scouts
Details on
"A Quality Scout is an independent member of the public who goes behind the scenes of our famous menu to find out exactly what’s in some of our best-known products and see the journey of how they’re made."
You basically see the animals, see the slaughter, see the supply chain and then finally go in store and cook a burger. We presume you get free food.

► Free L'oreal make up remover wipes
1) Get a £2.50 off voucher from
(it might take you a few attempts to find the correct combination to get the right voucher)
2) Take in store
3) Pick up L'oreal wipes that are on offer at £2.32
You might even get 18p off your shopping using this voucher but most likely not

Seeds - £5 off code takes money off shipping as well
Add £3.05+ (or as close as possible) worth of items to your basket
Then add code C714 and it will knock off £5
Sorted low > high
Example order:
Thanks to Sandy for posting details

► Free P&P on LovePets
Items sorted low to high
Haven't had a chance to look but normally there are some good bargains

► Free Chanel Mascara sample
Use secondary/alias email to avoid spam

► Up to 50% off Mens formal shirts + extra 10% off code + free P&P
Use code XY74
Also 50% off Maxi Dresses
Also try these codes: MR34, XY74, HK73, FV43, SHBC, VJ62, CX26, GV76

Some people have been sent £5 off vouchers today & these toothbrushes are £4.99!
Subject of email: A gift from Groupon: £5
Email should look SOMETHING like:
Failing that register an account ( now and cross your fingers for a code soon

► 73p roaster & £1.33 twin tray pack
We all know the quality of these won't be great but price wise you can't complain!


► M&S bucks fizz is reduced to clear at 99p
Confirmed in several locations now.

Likes: 29 Comments: 56 Shares: 6
► 4 x 30 10mg Loratadine (Hayfever/Allergy/Dust/Rashes/Blocked nose etc) Tablets
Free delivery on this item, same ingredients to the branded tablets (e.g. Claritin). These work out about half price compared to discounted shops such as B&M bargains etc + free delivery makes them even more of a steal

► £29.99 Tefal Pan set (better than half price)
Normally on offer at around £49.99

► Larger set of pans/kitchen equipment etc for £29.99 delivered

► Win 12 bottles of juice
To do this you will need an Android or iOS device & a computer/laptop etc
1) Download this app
iOS -
Android -
2) Go to this photo on computer etc
3) Using the app scan the photo like (Like this

4) The game will then start, click at top to play (like this
5) Play the game and hope you win
6) Repeat it each day.
If people are having the problem where no fruit spins be sure to hold the phone up to the photo still

Also try these images (click bottom left to see if you've won)
Thanks to Emma for photo

► Free seeds to help bees
Even if you're not into gardening please just get them, plant them in the garden and help the bees out

► £39.99 Microwave

► £1.25 speaker set (in store only)
Barcode: 5052004380393

These are being cleared out so will only be in some stores
Thank to Thomas for emailing us
Originally found in Tower Park Tesco, Poole

► Become a brand ambassador for John Frieda

► Luxury mixed fruit reduced to 3p.
Barcode 01834390. Thanks to Vico for posting.
Probably store specific

► Free Toni & Guy samples
Won't work on mobiles, T&Cs state they've finished but supposedly it's still working
P.s. people have been receiving full sized £6+ samples

► Veet 50ml Easy Wax Electrical Roll On Kit (using code)
Use code: EASYWAX4

Reviews seem mixed but remember those people weren't paying £9, they were paying £30.
Worst case you contact Amazon for refund (p.s. they will probably tell you to keep it) ;)

► 50p off Blossam Hill wines voucher
You can't beat a cold glass of White Zinfandel ;)


Few deals we posted the other day you may have missed

► McDonalds vouchers or originally from
This is a page from the online newspaper the Metro

► Win more coffee + a £1 off voucher
Be sure to not allow the page to post to your wall

► Free eye test (worth £15) - Lots of you will get these free anyway but for those who don't here is a link

► Cornetto 4 pack for 99p OR
+ £10 off £60 spend code L7DC-44PY-64J4 You must order for delivery before 18/05/2013
Not bad considering most places charge £1 each

► 50p London > Birmingham Train tickets
Ends: Friday 17th May 2013

► £10 off train tickets to/from St Pancreas station
Get sent code, use code on booking.

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Some bargain feminine hygiene products, free crispy chips, free seeds & free £3 spend at Body shop [still working] + remember our competition to win £650 worth of shizzle

► Free soft cups (ideal to store your spare change in *joke*)

► Thorntons 'Just to say' selection boxes scanning at 1p
In store only, remember to check the other bargain Tosco* items including cheap shampoo/handwash, 1p chocolates etc - It will be hard to find these but worth a look if you're in store anyway.

► 3 KFC deals
Free chips from KFC [today only!]

49p KFC Coffee

20% off KFC
1) Go to KFC and buy a dip (costs 5p), some stores aren't allowed to sell them so you will have to buy a coffee with voucher (above) 49p, 70p fruit shoot, 79p ice cream sundae or 99p chips.
2) Enter receipt details on
3) Get given a 20% off code
4) Give them code at till
Thanks to Bencotucker for posting details

► 3 packs of Thrush tablets for £1.79 delivered
Free delivery makes this a bargain

► Free Tomato seeds
Click this first

► Free Adobe Lightroom 5 Trial
Ends June 30th

► 50% off SaltRock with code
Use code: SURVEY50
Also try codes SLTRCK10, SALTROCK15, SPRING10
Cheers Dan for letting us know

► Clothing at Tosco* more added last night/this morning
Jumper in photo:

► Always ultra 12 pack sanitary towels with free dailies priced/scanning at 50p
This is part of the 50p rollback deal so could be nationwide, confirmed in two locations so far.
Worth stocking up.

► Looking for a new mobile phone contract?
Start with these sites first, they're all legit sites however customer service isn't always their strong point!
Ensure you've read details of the deals as some require cashback! DON'T GO FOR ANY CASHBACK DEALS, you know where you've got to submit your phone bill each month to them and they reimburse you! Ensure you UNSELECT any insurance (you can get this cheaper elsewhere).


Ensure you compare these against other main sites etc but 9/10 you will get more minutes/data etc this way. Let us know if you spot any particular bargains.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Free phone, £26PM, 500 mins, unlimited texts, unlimited internet, 24 month.

£339.99 (used) iPhone 5 - Vodafone OR Orange / T-Mobile / EE
Few people ordered from them last time and even the Grade C were very good

► Win a Stella Artois Chalice
Like page > Enter details > Unlike page
Thanks to Katrina for photo

► [STILL WORKING, CONFIRMED TODAY/YESTERDAY] Walk into any Body Shop store and pick up an item worth £3 or less
Take to checkout and say 'happy bunny', they will take £3 off your purchase.
Sounds crazy but it's due to the EU ban on animal testing
►►We suggest you print this out as this shows the date of May 31st
Valid until May 31st, so plenty of freebies to be had.
Not valid in Hove, Horsham or Outlet locations.
Some people might get told it ended March 31st but just show them the evidence on the print out….


Few deals you may have missed

► Win a day of driving awesome cars for free [total of 6 cars] including Lamborghini

► Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for £8.95 [Worth £398]
IMPORTANT: This won't work for everyone, prepare to be disappointed.
1) Go to & then close the page
2) Then go to
3) Click this
4) Enter your university/company email and see if you're applicable, failing that try friends/family uni/work/college emails etc and get them to forward the email to you
4) Check your email & click link & then pay. Download & enter licence code. Worked perfectly for us.
NOTE: If it asks you for a program code again, copy the link from the email and open in a new internet browser then it shouldn't ask you.
NOTE: the site URL looks a little strange but we've checked it out and it's a real Microsoft site, we've also tested for you and it works no problems.

► 12 bottles of lucozade revive for free [competition similar to Mars drinks]
Slight issue as they will only send to company addresses but in theory uni addresses etc might work…
Worth a go, loads of people today have been confirmed.
No need to like FB page or share anything for reference

► Chocolate fudge brownie mix scanning/priced at 10p [originally £1.39]
Login then click this link > (it won't work if you've not logged in/clicked start shopping)
Barcode: 01734751
Best before: December 2013. 450g.
This is in store as well!
Thanks to Stacey for posting

► Get £10 worth of Ristorante pizza vouchers
Use secondary email to avoid spam, you will need to check it
Unlike page if you wish ;)
You normally can only get these vouchers if you buy a special pizza. Worth a go as you might get a free pizza :)

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► Keep an eye out for fresh Chicken at Tosco
£2.25/KG labels but chicken priced at £4.50 on shelf

Don't know what DTD is?
Read number 9 on

► Free Evening primrose seeds
Click on right of page

► 2000 free samples of LAB Series Moisturiser for men
Best to unlike page after completing form!
Won't work on mobiles

► 2 packs of 8 bottles of Stella Cidre is £20 but you get a brand match refund of £8 at till, making it 16 pint bottles for £12
It seems to be a glitch as it's comparing Tesco 6 packs at £6 each.
So you get an £8 voucher refund at the till
Worth a go, thanks to Graham for messaging

► £1 off e45 cream
PDF download

► 6 bottles of Organic Calendula Baby Moisturising Body Cream 75ml for £6.95
Select Amazon on RIGHT of page!

► Ben & Jerry's BERRY CORE FLAVOUR now £1.24 in store
Also £1 at Asda (if you can find them)

► Free cute cow
Little white lie about being pregnant….
Select a due date that is in 6.8 months - 9 months time
i.e. only available when you join before 30 weeks into your pregnancy
If you've not entered your address on the page you've done it wrong!

► Free eBay listing weekend (13 - 14 April)
REMEMBER you still pay the high final selling fees etc & be careful on the postage charges as Royal Mail have recently put these up.
We highly suggest you check out Gumtree before going on eBay!

► Love is All You Need
16/04/13 18:30
Birmingham Star City, Vue Available
Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Vue Available
Cardiff, Vue Available
Cheshire Oaks, Vue Available
Croydon Grants, Vue Available
Edinburgh Omni, Vue Available
Islington, Vue Available
Leeds Light, Vue Available
Leicester, Vue Available
Manchester Lowry, Vue Available
Norwich, Vue Available
Piccadilly Circus (formerly Apollo), Vue Not available
Portsmouth, Vue Available
Westfield Stratford City , Vue Available
York, Vue Available

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► £3.81 Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earphones
Amazingly still this price, lots of people love these some hate them. Worst case you send back for refund!

Might also be worth looking at these headphones with 50mm drivers

► Kylie Minogue Kylie Darling EDT Perfume Spray
£4.99 (RRP: £26)
£9.95 on
Shouldn't matter what the name is on the bottle

► Free seeds (red onion & parsley)
Use secondary email or Mailinator to avoid spam, you have to click link in email.

► The Works free delivery or 20% off code
Use codes FSDMAR or CS20
Thanks to Sharon & Trudy

► Uni-com digital luggage scales scanning at £1 in store
These will be found on the clips trips or near luggage around some stores etc
Price at £7.50 online (& in store)
Barcode ending: 7833
Thanks to anon for messaging us details
Looks like you could easily sell these on for a profit (albeit not a massive one)

► £40 Sex Kitten Outfit for £12.95
Free delivery on £45 spend
Try code MISSYOU for 10% off but didn't work for us

► Technika 19" LED TV with free view + DVD built in
In store only! WILL be store specific but worth a look next visit.
Thanks to Mikey, originally found in Tesco Garforth

► Free Omega 3 (1000mg) 30 day product trial
Don't enter real phone number or email. Use alias name so you know what is real/junk mail.
Click 'recommended' on the bottom link
Thanks to Andrew for messaging

► Free cute cow
Little white lie about being pregnant….
Select a due date that is in 6.8 months - 9 months time
i.e. only available when you join before 30 weeks into your pregnancy
If you've not entered your address on the page you've done it wrong!

Free cute polar bear (for those who are pregnant or good at faking it)
Little white lie about being pregnant….
Select a due date that is in 6.8 months - 9 months time
i.e. only available when you join before 30 weeks into your pregnancy
If you've not entered your address on the page you've done it wrong!

► 40 pack of AA or AAA batteries for £3.50 OR

► Adobe photoshop Elements 11 for £32.99 (TODAY ONLY)
Thanks to BeachWelly for posting
Here is the link for CS2 for free

► Free credit/debit card reader for your iPhone, p.s. it's awesome!
Business use only.
So the device is free but they do charge 2.75% on every transaction.
Paypal do have an equivalent: but lets support this European company instead of those yanks ;)
The company can be trusted, earlier investors in the company also invested in Skype, Facebook and Xing!

► Free Xbox Live games + 2 week live subscriptions

► Adidas womens Duramo 5 trainers £16.80
Thanks to Annette for posting
Free delivery to a collect+ place (aka local newsagents)
£25 off £50 order with code 3JDCL
£25 off £60 order with code 36TAD
Be careful when paying as they may try and sign you up for a credit account

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UPDATE: 2 Halo 4 people read this

UPDATE: Thorpe Park tickets seem to have gone already this morning, our contact told us he had just got the text. Worth keeping an eye on it.

► LG 32LM3400 32ins Cinema 3D LED TV inc. 4 x 3D Glasses
£249.99 delivered
NOTE: this is not 1080p, it's 720p. Still would be fine for most people.

► BioShock Infinite for £23.99 (PC)
Download version only

► Free ThinkBike posters/stickers etc
Don't enter phone number! Use alias email if you're worried about spam.
Click motorcycles

► Free Tomato seeds (FB)
Click this first
Like page > Click order seeds > Fill in details > Unlike page

► 10KG bags of deicer for £1
Stock up / Sell for profit…. (somehow)
Just what every student needs ;)
Normally £5+
Thanks to andymg2000

Also this ice-scraper is decent for £3
Thanks to esclad

► £5* (with code) earrings - All existing Groupon customers seem to have been emailed a £5 off voucher code
The cheapest thing on the site is currently these (code ends 28th)
Subject of email: A gift from Groupon: £5
Email looked like:

► Halo 4 for £16.80

► Free Thorpe Park ticket (O2 only)
The OP had just got a text saying 500 tickets will be released on priority moments today!
1) Go to O2 priority moments app or
2) Keep an eye out
Claim dates: 27/03/13 - 31/05/13
We have no more details, thanks to aries_92
Still not got an O2 sim?
Pick the pay as you go one, £10 to activate the sim but some have been successful in getting this without activating.
Good luck

► Fifa 13 69p (iOS)
+ loads more EA iOS games for 69p

► £60 Burts Bees grab bags for £20
We got some of these last time and they're good value

► Chamneys heated lash curler was £15 reduced to 50p!
In store only! Probably store specific but worth a look
Thanks to Niko

► bareMinerals (medium only) makeup set for £20.88 (with code)! Worth £120 if you purchased items separately!
Use code: sweet15 for 15% off or use STUDENTSSAVE for free delivery + £2.50 off £20
Our original post:

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Few cheeky deals before we hit the pubs, enjoy and have a great evening.

► Samsung Galaxy S4 PRE-ORDER £31/PM, free handset, 1000 minutes, unlimited data/texts.
This is a great deal if you want the latest Samsung phone (which looks awesome).
Thanks to Chi Yin for details

► Nivea Daily Essentials Gentle Cleansing Lotion 200ml scanning at 38p in store
Priced at £1.50 normally

► Lindor Chocolate Eggs 100g scanning at 1p in store at Tosco* (spelt wrong)
Barcode: 5012454 068043
Best before 03/2013
We found this glitch years ago but it seems it has returned.
Worth a look in ALL Tosco* stores, generally if you can find that barcode it will work.
Last time we got bags and bags full!
Priced at 2 for £3.00

► Cadbury wishes also scanning at 1p in store at Tosco* (spelt wrong)
We've not got a barcode so it might be a bit of hit and miss.
Please post if/when you find a working barcode.

► Free seeds

► Maximuscle Cyclone 1200 g Strawberry Size and Strength Shake £18.40
UPDATE: seems to be out of stock (but might not come back)
Massive price drop in this recently, no idea why.

Failing that try code FREE20 gives free delivery on £20 spend or 10UP for 10% off £40. + use refer code MP720919 for extra 5% off

► Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes 750G (or cheaper with codes)
XXAFFT £10 off £50 spend (new accounts only)
XXNNNR £12 off £60 spend (new accounts only)
XX4YHY £12 off £60 spend (new accounts only)
XXLPPV - £10 off £50 spend (doesn't mention new accounts but probably is)

► Jump Desktop free for Android on Amazon AppStore

► 35 Slow Cooker Soups & Stews: Recipes To Warm You Up!
Free Kindle book (note: works on loads of devices)

► Dominos Pizza (any toppings & pay just the Margherita price) glitch
Not sure if working but worth a go

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