Aldi to launch online buying website… The end for other supermarkets?

Aldi to launch online buying website… The end for other supermarkets?

Aldi from next year will start selling wine and certain non-food ranges on their website.

The brand is well known for discount products, one of the ways they manage to compete with the ‘big boys’ is by having a much smaller product range, they started with just 900 regular lines topped up by around 100-200 more seasonal products, however, this has now grown to well over 2500 product lines, compare this to Tesco who roughly have 90,000 product lines and you can see the difference.


Do you think this is a good approach for Aldi?

Matthews Barnes, boss of Aldi UK and Ireland indicated

  • Wine was a good starting point as it’s very popular
  • Online grocery orders will not be coming – as they’re complex and hard to make money on
  • Annual profits for Aldi have dropped this year, partially due to the price wars between competitors however overall income has doubled in the past 3 years
  • “We will never be beaten on price,” he said. “We take a forensic approach to our offering. We are hands down cheaper than our rivals.”
  • Supposedly they’re 42p cheaper than rivals on the average product 33p less than Asda and a hefty 87p less than Waitrose .
  • Plans to double store numbers to a total of 1,000 by 2022, creating 35,000 jobs.
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