Tesco (& presumably other) stores are overheating and their fridges/freezers are breaking = free food!

Tesco (& presumably other) stores are overheating and their fridges/freezers are breaking = free food!

Eating for free is one on the luxuries of being an extreme deal hunter, however, Freegans (people who eat from other people’s / companies thrown away & normally perfectly safe food) were in their element yesterday in Cardiff when a Tesco Express store on Wood Street in Cardiff had problems with their fridges and freezer.

Boxes, suitcases, car boots etc were all used to empty the crates left outside for the binmen, with obvious things like meat, milk, soup, yoghurts, cheese and other fresh produce all being left outside.

Danny Hall, seen carrying the plastic crate said this:

‘I walked past and seen all this leftover food,’

‘I’ve got a lot of friends who are homeless, so I’m going to take this food over to feed them.

‘I don’t think it’s gone off. It all looks pretty fresh to me.’

ice-cream-freeSupposedly families were also seen going through the bags and boxes of food in attempt to get a good deal / put food on the table.

A notice inside the store stuck on the fridges stated staff would help customers wanting products usually stored on the fridge shelves.

Did any stores near you have similar problems? Let us know in the comments


Would you eat this from a supermarket bin (tick all that apply)


WARNING: Although this food is ‘in the bin’ it technically could be classed as stealing, be careful and check local laws before attempting to replicate.

Image sources: Metro UK


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