Visit the most Instagrammable places in the UK for free

Visit the most Instagrammable places in the UK for free

With a steady increase in flight prices coupled with the plummeting value of the euro to sterling in recent years, it is no surprise that even more Brits are choosing to stay in the UK and explore corners of their own country. In 2017, staycations increased by 8.3% with that percentage set to rise even higher for 2018. There has been a steady increase in people using social media sites such as Instagram, to dictate their next adventure. The popular picture site is awash with enviable photogenic venues, landmarks, and quirky hotels, making it a great source for travel inspiration. We take a look at the ten most ‘Instagrammable’ places around the UK, that are completely free to visit and enjoy and are picturesque enough to make your followers green with envy:

Seven Sisters, Eastbourne

Often people refer to the White Cliffs of Dover as being an iconic site in the UK, but the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters, on the South coast, are certainly a sight to behold. Standing bright white in all their glory against the blue sea, these dramatic chalky cliffs attract tourists from around the country- and the world- to marvel in their beauty. The cliffs are totally free to visit, as they fall on a public footpath in Brighton, and are definitely worth visiting. Why not see what all the fuss is about and get hiking across one of the UK’s most snapped sites.

beachy head, seven sisters cliff

Worm’s head, The Gower, Swansea

Once crowned one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is no wonder The Gower in Swansea, Wales, features high on our list as one of the most Instagrammable places to visit, in the UK. The peninsula at the end of Rhossili beach aptly named the Worm’s head due to its shape and appearance, is definitely a site for the ‘Gram’. If you’re planning on visiting this beautiful beach, make sure to check the tide as you can only access the peninsula when the tide is low. Make sure not to get cut off coming back either as the tide comes in quickly to cover the walkway used to get out on the head of the land.

worms head the gower

Lake Windemere, Lake District

Travel site Expedia has created an infographic of the most tagged places around the UK, on Instagram, seeing Lake Windemere coming in a strong 6th place with over 290k photos snapped of the iconic lake. As part of the lake district national park, it is completely free to walk around and visit the lake, giving eager Insta-fans even more reason to make the trip to see one of the UK’s most famous lakes. A top tip for capturing Lake Windemere at its most ‘Insta-worthy’ state, is to capture it at sunset, so make sure you time your visit to get the best shot for the gram. Why not take advantage of the natural beauty the Lake District offers and explore the rolling hills surrounding the lake too.

Lake Windemere, Lake District

Big Ben

As one of the most iconic landmarks in London’s infamous skyline, it is no wonder Big Ben is so regularly snapped by tourists passing through London. In fact, according to Hashtag world, the world-famous clock tower is the second most popular landmark snapped in London, after Tower Bridge! Why not get in on the action and plan a trip to the UK’s capital to get in on the action and capture one of the most popular Instagrammed landmarks in the UK. Of course, it is also completely free to see and snap, too.

London skyline, Big ben

Snowdonia, Wales

Another of the most popular tagged places on Instagram is the beautiful Welsh mountain range Snowdonia, home to Snowdon, one of the tallest mountains in the UK. This beautiful sprawling mountain range stretches for miles and offers any budding hiker the perfect landscape for snapping some amazing shots for Insta. It is totally free to walk up the mountain as well as walk around the national park in which Snowdon is nestled. The only charges you may find is with parking if you choose to drive, or the bus ticket to the foot of the mountain. A lot of people choose to walk to the foot of the mountain, saving themselves the bus fare. Why not see what all the fuss is about and explore the beauty of the Welsh mountains, whilst hiking up one of the biggest mountains in the country.

Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Standing tall as one of the seven wonders of the world, it’s no surprise this prehistoric wonder is snapped so often on Instagram. Steeped in total mystery, as no one is any the wiser to how this iconic landmark came about or why, even after 4,5000 years, this landmark has withstood everything from world wars as well as the great British weather! The trick to visiting for free is to plot a walking route around the site which is largely open and can be seen for miles in the surrounding countryside. By car, this landmark is also very visible but to avoid holding up traffic on the A303, make sure to pull into the dirt track which is on the opposite side of the road to Stonehenge, and park up to get your perfect snap of the ancient stones!

Stone henge

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Irish legend dictates this famous landmark was built by Irish giant, Fionn Mac Cumhaill. These dramatic rock formations that protrude out of the Irish coastline, have been bringing tourists to the beach for many years, with visitors wanting to get that perfect picture of the causeway. Within easy access from Belfast, there are few excuses not to make The Giant’s Causeway one of your next Insta-destinations, guaranteed to make all your followers jealous!

Giants Causeway

Durdle Door, Dorset

Located on a beautiful sandy beach in Dorset, stands a rather unusual and totally natural archway, named Durdle Door. As it is located on a public beach with public access, it is totally free to go and see, making it a very great natural site for people to snap whilst enjoying the beauty of the beach around. Its popularity in recent years means even if you haven’t heard the official name for it, the rock formation is instantly recognisable- most likely from Instagram! Why not plan a road trip to include visiting this rather quirky and stunning landmark.

Durdle Door in Dorset

St Pauls’ Cathedral, London

Although it’s doesn’t quite reach the number of snaps landmark competitor Big Ben gets, St Paul’s Cathedral in central London doesn’t do too badly on ‘the gram’. According to geo-tagging information from Instagram, used by site Hashtag, St Paul’s was the 7th most popular site to snap in London, in 2017. Seeing two popular landmarks in one trip- all for free- is another great reason to take in St Paul’s in all its glory. The grounds all around the cathedral are completely free to view and enjoy, the only time costs will incur, is if you decide to go inside or climb up into the dome at the top (it may be worth the entrance fee to see the view from the top!)

St Pauls Cathedral, city of London

The Minack Theatre, Cornwall

An absolute must for any budding thespians and general fans of theatre, this one-of-a-kind outdoor theatre screams Instagram! If you aren’t able to catch a performance during the summer months, simply visiting and walking around the gorgeous picture-perfect theatre is enough to secure that insta-worth pic. With its panoramic view of the Atlantic Cornish coastline and quirky seats carved into granite, this theatre will definitely put ‘on an excellent show’, in aid of your Insta-pics. The best time to see this dramatic British beauty for free, is out of season from October to April, as there are no theatre shows on. Try capturing this stunning location at sunset as the backdrop to this theatre really frames its natural beauty.

Minack Theatre, Cornwall

With so many places to visit and spectacular landmarks to see, right here on our shores, it is no wonder more and more people are opting to save money and explore the British Isles, appreciating beauty a little closer to home. Like any holiday, staycations aren’t completely free, but with so many options to see and enjoy landmarks and venues that have no additional cost, there are no excuses to getting out and exploring more of what the UK has to offer. When planning your next trip, why not try using Instagram as an influencer for plotting your next adventure, in right here in the UK. Why not try using our list of the ‘most Instagrammable places’ as a guide when booking your next weekend trip and see how many landmarks you can snap- completely for free!

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