Woman walks into Asda, does her shopping and leaves without ‘paying’ after 2 online orders fail to arrive

Woman walks into Asda, does her shopping and leaves without ‘paying’ after 2 online orders fail to arrive

Danni Leadbeater, a nursery nurse from Clayton got charged £50 for her Asda Grocery Delivery but the order was cancelled, she reordered for the next day and the second order was cancelled as well, however, both occasions she was charged and Asda stated it would be 7-10 days for a refund on the previous orders.

After speaking with ASDA on the phone she was informed the two cancellations were due to a ‘shortage of delivery drivers.’

Instead of waiting for the refunds, mother of two Ms Leadbeater went into ASDA Eastlands and packed up her £50 shopping herself!

She was initially offered £30 in vouchers by staff but refused to accept it, saying it would not be enough as her child’s baby milk would cost £10 alone and would not leave with her enough for food.
Instead, she filled a trolley with the items from her order list, which she had on her phone, and despite initially being told she could not take them, was eventually allowed to leave the store.

She said:

‘The whole thing was so annoying and frustrating.
‘I’ve got two little ones to feed so the waiting around was starting to cause me a problem.
‘I thought it was ridiculous I had to pay a second time so when that one didn’t turn up I’d just had enough. £100 is a lot of money for a single mum like me.
‘As soon as I got there I told them that I would be taking my shopping with me.
‘At first they told me I couldn’t. There was security on the door and they said I’d be in trouble if I tried.
‘I told them I didn’t care and that they could phone the police. After about an hour of arguing, and speaking to someone on the online team, they authorised it.
‘Even in store not one member of staff apologised to me. It’s disgraceful.
‘I know not all people would have been as bold as me and would have just taken it and it’s wrong.’


Was Ms Leadbeater right to walk in and get her items?


Asda spokesman said:

‘We understand the customer’s concerns and are very apologetic that her online delivery didn’t arrive as planned.
‘As a goodwill gesture, the customer collected her shopping from her nearest store and we’re pleased to have been able to help on this occasion.
‘At Asda as we pride ourselves on being able to offer a first class online experience.
‘We’d like to apologise to Ms Leadbeater that we didn’t meet our usual high standards and we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.’


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