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Legit Survey + Product Testing websites/apps

Legit Survey + Product Testing websites/apps

95% of survey + product testing websites are scams or dodgy, however, the good ones can make you £200-£800 a year, so it’s not all bad. To be earning £100s per year you will be putting in some heavy hours, but it beats waiting for the next episode of Jeremy Kyle to start… Product testing websites are even worse, a large amount of scam sites but some decent ones exist and most of the time you keep the product.

The most we’ve personally ever made in an hour of surveys was £15, that was for 2 hours in a chat style conference with a company and about 20 other pre-selected highly relevant people, it doesn’t happen often but it does happen! You will generally be paid 17p to 86p per 10 minutes but the more you complete the more likely you will be invited to complete larger paying surveys.

List of product testing websites:

Philips Official Product Testing – Philips send out toothbrushes, shavers etc in return for reviews
BzzAgent – Get sent products to review
Toluna – Surveys but they also have a product testing part of the site
Elemis Review Panel – Skincare company

List of legit sites to earn money from surveys/opinions/polls/product testing etc:

Here is a list of legit sites (that we’ve tested, used and been paid from), you should be VERY SUSPECT with any other sites:

1) The average you will actually get paid is 17p to 86p per 10 minutes
(Pays via Paypal, Amazon Vouchers & monthly draws)

2) Pay of around 25p-75p per survey – £50 min withdraw limit but UK favourite
Takes ages for payment but they pay out and often they get featured in News Articles, TV quiz shows etc
Pays via Bank Transfer once you hit £50 (5000 points), worth logging in every few days to check what is available.

3) Complete surveys for cash/amazon vouchers
or get sent products like Toiletries, Gadgets, Food etc to test + normal surveys.
80,000 points = £15 voucher, you can now claim vouchers instantly.
The product testing is picked at random and you have very low odds of getting picked but still worth a go.

4) Earn up to £10 per survey, one of the highest paying sites.
WARNING: Ensure you get directed to Ipsos i-say not another website
Plenty of surveys, upfront about pay amounts


5) US website but pays with Paypal or Cheque
WARNING: Ensure you get directed to Global Test Market not another website
1087 Market Points= £30

6) Roughly 40p per survey. 
WARNING: Be careful with any of the ‘sign up to get X point promotions’, or any free trials to get points. Lots of them are dodgy and you won’t get any money and risk being charged! Just stick to the surveys and daily polls.

7) Listen to music? Write reviews for cash (paid with Paypal)
Certainly won’t make you rich like rolling stones magazine but you do get paid

8) Earn Google Play Credit direct Google Opinion Surveys
http://10ws.co/1wJkxfY (Android Users only)
Earn Google Play Credit for completing surveys. Can use credit to buy apps or in-app purchases.

9) Product testing where they send you items in exchange for reviews
or surveys completed on products, you can have some good products so worth a sign up.

10) Get paid in Tesc0 vouchers but mostly free products to test (including bread, fresh fruit and even wine etc)
Complete surveys, opinions on products and get paid in vouchers to test more free items

11) Invitation only – Pinecone
One of the highest paying but invitation only


Survey FAQs:

How do I avoid an email inbox full of requests?

We suggest you have a dedicated email account for all surveys etc or alias email

How many survey sites should I sign up to?

You can soon run out of available surveys, so If you want to get a steady part-time income from them, we recommend signing up to them all.

How long does it take to actually get the money into my bank account?

Most survey sites require a certain amount (generally between £10-£25) before you can withdraw any money into voucher, paypal or bank transfer.

Once you request a withdrawal, it will generally take between a couple of hours to a couple of months but the money will eventually come just wait.

Spotting a fake survey website? What should I watch out for? How do I spot a fake?

Any website offering you large cash sums i.e. £500 Tosco*/ADSA* vouchers, a free mobile phone like an iPhone for free IS A MASSIVE SCAM!!!!

Everyday we see our competitors display adverts or even post text links to fake/scam survey websites on facebook etc, push the fact you can sign up to XYZ website in return for testing XYZ product, 99% of the time it’s bullsh*t.

The survey sites we’ve listed above have been around for several years and are all the market leaders so we suggest you start there, the best way to spot a fake is by seeing if they’re offering something too good to be true, i.e. a free product (worth £100s+), no company in their right mind will be doing that. Not even the manufacturers of these products give people products to test (& keep).

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