Crazy London: London Air now being put in jars and ‘sold’ for £19.99 + £10 P&P!

Crazy London: London Air now being put in jars and ‘sold’ for £19.99 + £10 P&P!

London, you know the city that is well known for healthy fresh air…. has a dell boy entrepreneur bottling up ‘fresh’ air into what appears to be IKEA style jars from areas around London.

We’re 50/50 on whether this is a joke but we will continue just in case it’s a real business…

Selling at £19.99 + £10 P&P the air from Brixton, Croydon, and two varieties (morning or afternoon) of Shoreditch on paper that doesn’t sound like good value for money but you could argue that it is compared with the £80 jars Leo De Watts has been selling!

This is what the site says:

“We’re Shoreditch Air and we bottle the finest of London’s Air, so if you’re missing home or would just like to get an idea of what London smells like you’ve come to the right place.

“More areas and editions of London Air coming soon!”

How could they improve their proposition?

  • I don’t think London is well known for good quality air, bad starting point so push the good parts of the city
  • Labels / Packaging?? It’s not obvious what you will actually get
  • Photos of the locations
  • Photos/Videos of the team collecting
  • Explanations on why the air is better…than you know just breathing normally

Remind you of anyone?


For the younger generation: Only Fools & Horses when Del Boy sells tap water as Peckham Spring Water.

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