Guy drops KFC on floor *world cries*, he doesn’t eat it & gets £80 fine

Guy drops KFC on floor *world cries*, he doesn’t eat it & gets £80 fine

On April 7th this photo went viral:


With the caption ‘It was strewn across the pavement at 6.30am and, as of then, hadn’t been eaten by birds or foxes.’


Would you have left the chicken?

Of course the internet went into ‘Let’s find the culprit / poor person that lost out on the wonders that is KFC’ mode


The internet did well and found the chap:

He and some friends had visited the fast food outlet after handing in one of his assignments and were walking along St George’s Place when Callum’s meal met a grisly end

Callum said:

“The handle just broke, but I didn’t really think about it until the next morning.”

I’m sorry Callum but you don’t sound like a real student, we would have been on the floor picking that chicken off and either removing the skin (easy option) or pulling off the hair/dirt and eating it. -10 man points.

The second bit of bad news

After Callum came forward, presumably for a bit of a claim to fame he was issued with a £80 fixed penalty by Cheltenham Borough Council. Thankfully it will be dropped to £50 if paid within 14 days.

Hopefully, the news companies paid him £50 to go down to KFC and take photos etc or at the very least bought him the £15 meal for the photos….

The fixed penalty notice was sent to Mr Meek’s home address and a copy has been sent to the University of Gloucestershire (uh oh!), where he is known to study.

Councillor Andrew McKinlay, Cabinet Member Development and Safety (LD, Up Hatherley) said:

“Nobody wants to see litter on our streets and residents of the town will want to know that we are doing all we can to keep Cheltenham tidy.

“At first glance this might be no more than the consequence of high jinks”

“However, the unpleasant result of littering like this and the £2million annual bill for clearing the streets is no laughing matter.

“That’s why the council has sent a fine to Callum and we hope he will pick up his litter in future.”

Callum’s response to the fine:kfc4

‘The fine is a bit gutting because students don’t have much money. But I guess it is fair,’

‘It is just a bit annoying because most people don’t get caught and fined for something like this, but it is fair though.’

Does this remind you of anyone?

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