10 ways to get over your hangover

10 ways to get over your hangover

1) The obligatory fry up / Sunday Roast

Even if these weren’t a hangover cure we still think it should be on all lists regarding alcohol however Professor Richard Stephens says fry up ‘works wonders’.

But make sure you try and sneak some healthy options on the plate like eggs, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms as just eating the fatty sausage & bacon can make you feel worse!
If you’ve got an upset stomach avoid fry ups and stick to plain eggs, toast, bananas, crackers and/or potatoes.breakfast

2) Drugs

No not those sort of drugs, thinks like anti-inflammatory drugs (such as ibuprofen) or painkillers (such as paracetamol). However be careful as anyone with an upset stomach might find themselves in a worse off position!drugs

3) [NEW] Pear juice or eating a pear before you start drinking

Yes it sounds ridiculous however Australian scientists, this week (Aug 2015) at CSIRO (Australia’s national science agency) found that consuming pears or pear juice before drinking alcohol can dramatically reduce the symptoms of hangovers – in particular, memory loss and trouble concentrating.

The researchers believe the pear juice helped to metabolise alcohol in the blood. If only the scientists checked to see if Pear Cider worked!pears

4) Water

A large glass (or two) of water before you go to bed can help prevent the horrible hangover headache + one by the bed for the morning + having a bath/shower can ease the pain/sweat out the alcohol.

Or do as the NHS says and alternate your drinks between soft and alcoholic. However be careful as fizzy drinks increase the alcohol into your blood.

Coconut water, tap water or isotonic drinks are all great for hangovers hence why Lucozade sales increase every Sunday morning!water2

5) Avoid Coffee

Because coffee is a diuretic (promotes urine production) you can end up removing more water from your body when it’s desperate for it. However some people argue that a coffee + an aspirin works wonders so guess try both and see which works for your body.coffee-cup

6) Avoid the dark stuff

Darker drinks especially spirits like brandy or whisky have a higher level of compounds called congeners, which are formed during the fermentation and distilling process. These compounds are thought to make your hangover worse – so if you must have a nightcap try a white spirit instead.whiskey

7) Keep on drinking… is one of the worst ideas

Yes it will cure your hangover only because it’s delaying it until later on in the day and trust us afternoon/evening hangovers are even worse.more-alcohol

8) Milk thistle…

Supposedly this magic extract removes all feeling of tiredness & nausea.milk-thistle

9) Light Soups / Broths / Noodles in watery sauce

Plenty of liquid, easy to digest and full of vitamins/minerals.

Adding things like Spinach, Peas, Spring Onions, Eggs etc should also help you fight off the hangoverbroth

10) Duvet on the sofa

Grab your duvet, shut the lounge curtains, put your eye mask on and have a lazy day on the sofa.



What is your favourite hangover cure combination?

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