A Quick Guide to Haggling (and Saving Money!)

A Quick Guide to Haggling (and Saving Money!)

Still paying full price for products? Sure, there are times when you have to cough up the full cost. Then again, there are also times when you can haggle it down. If you’re afraid to ask for a better deal, you will always lose out. Luckily, this guide is for you. Here’s what you need to know about bartering someone down and saving money along the way.

Decide on your price

Before you get started here, you should decide on the price you’re willing to pay. Of course, you need to be reasonable here. You want a cheap deal, but don’t be outlandish when it comes to figuring out how much you want to spend.

You can use Google Shopping to work out how much the average cost of the product is. Pick a price point towards the lower end of the average to get a deal while being fair!

Note: You don’t have to tell the sales assistant the price you have in mind.

Once you have decided how much you want to pay for the product in question, that gives you something to work towards. When you start haggling, you’ll have a goal in mind, which will spur you on until you reach it. So, you won’t give up and pay more than you need to.

Take note of sale prices

Has the product been on sale recently? Another way to decide how much you should pay is to check out any past sales or discounts. If the item has previously been on sale at a lower price, you know that the shop is willing to sell it for that amount. That gives you a real advantage. Keep that figure firmly in mind when you’re haggling.

Ensure the shop is quiet

Let’s face it — if the shop is busy and the staff members are rushed off their feet, they’re going to have no time for you haggling. It’s that simple. You have to pick your time and ensure that the place is quite quiet. For example, heading to the shop in the middle of a weekday means that there’s less likely to be a lot of people milling around.

Pick your target wisely

When you’re in the shop and you’ve chosen your product, it’s time to pick your target. Haggling is a real art form. You need to make sure that you choose the right person to speak to. Avoid speaking to a general store assistant and ask to speak to either an assistant manager or supervisor instead. In short, you need to make sure that the person you talk to has the authority to give you a cheeky discount!

| Note: Don’t ask to speak to the main shop manager. They will be busy and won’t appreciate you interrupting them to ask for money off!

Build up some rapport

Are you a real charmer? Haggling means building a rapport with the sales assistant. When you’re speaking to them, make sure that you are as polite as possible. After all, they aren’t going to want to give you a discount if you’re rude. The friendlier you are with the sales team, the more likely you are to get a deal and walk away with a smile on your face.

Look for product flaws

Before you even think about buying a product, you need to inspect it. Look for any small flaws as they could equal money off. For example, if you’re buying a pair of jeans, check out the stitching and how thick the material is. You should look for any snags or tears too.

When you notice a flaw, you can use it to your advantage. Show a shop assistant the problem and ask them whether they are willing to reduce the item. Of course, you should be as polite and helpful as you can. Let them know that you’ve noticed the issue and see how they react. You never know — you might not even need to haggle here.

Ask for a small freebie

If it looks like you’re not going to get money off, there’s another approach that you should try. Ask the sales assistant to throw in something for free. For instance, if you’re buying a large electrical item — like a coffee machine — you could ask for a free milk frother. Let the staff member know that this extra will seal the deal. They might be willing to help!

Get comfortable with silence

Silence is your biggest tool when it comes to haggling. If you’re filled with nervous energy and can’t stop talking, you’re likely to talk yourself out of a deal. Don’t make that mistake. Simply state your case — why you want a discount — and wait. The truth of the matter is that most people find silence uncomfortable. By leaving your request hanging in the air, it means that the sales assistant has to make a decision on their feet.

Be ready to walk away

Finally, the most important thing you need to remember here, is that you may have to walk away. Spoiler: Haggling does not work every time! If you don’t get the deal you’re looking for, politely thank the staff and leave. The fact that you’re willing to drop the issue and not get your product could work in your favour. The staff member may see that they are losing you and try to win you back with an offer.

On the other hand, being ready to leave means that you won’t buckle and make a poor decision. Ultimately, if you don’t get the offer you want, you will have to look elsewhere. So long as you keep this golden rule in mind, you should be just fine. Happy haggling!

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