The Boosted Bag Scam

A bag that can steal others bags.

With a mechanism inside it can be placed over other smaller bags and effectively suck them up. An easy con that even if people around the victim spot it they probably won’t report it as they’re afraid their eyes are deceiving them.

Be careful with your bags, place the handle underneath the chair leg or between your legs for added protection.

Why don’t these scammers just get a real job?

A hugely important thing to realize about people who make a living from crime is that it’s not just about the money, psychology is a major factor. A conman might be able to make just as much money in a more legitimate job, perhaps, but as a conman he is often his own boss. Also, there is the thrill, excitement, and feeling of superiority that comes from making money by taking advantage of someone else, especially when there’s a risk of discovery, jail time, or even injury or death. Think about what it must feel like to be a gangster or a conman in that moment when they “score”. It’s a combination of being a professional sports player who just won a big game and an extreme athlete who just pulled off a death defying stunt. All that plus at the end of the day there’s no one asking you to fill out TPS reports or forcing you to come in to work on a Saturday, or any day really. – YouTube comment (RocketSocks)


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