Poundland now selling things for more than £1 – Should they change their motto?

Poundland now selling things for more than £1 – Should they change their motto?

£3 for ketchup, £10 for washing powder and £5 for Vanish all recent prices at Poundland stores across the country as they’ve changed their ‘Yes! Everything’s £1’ Motto to ‘Lots of things are £1 but some things are not’ (slightly less catchy).

Byran who spotted the new signs blamed Brexit on the price hikes!

Should Pound Stores be allowed to be called 'Pound stores' or similar?

A Poundland spokesperson had this to say:

‘Poundland has been trialing a new multi-price offering across a number of its existing stores and this will continue through to Christmas with clear round pound price points.

‘We have listened to feedback from our customers and wish to offer more value from the product range we sell in our stores by offering larger packs sizes and a wider selection of products.

‘The stores will also run short term offers, across all categories including homewares, toys and seasonal ranges.

‘Poundland is committed to its round pound proposition and all stores trialing multi price will continue to offer the full range at its famous £1 price point which customers all know and love!’

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