How to use an Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker – To save money on coffee

How to use an Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker – To save money on coffee

Paying £2-4 for a coffee from a coffee shop is rather stupid really, yes this bundle will probably cost you £30 but it will dramatically cut the cost of your coffee intake.

If you really must buy a Starbucks, Costa etc then we’ve got other guides on how you can save money with highstreet coffee shops.

You will need

Step-by-step instructions (or video below):

  1. Pick up your AeroPress and place a filter on the base (pre-wet the filter if possible)
  2. Into the base of the AeroPress scoop some ground coffee (17g or one scoop of the included scoop)
  3. Place on your cup, pour hot (but not boiling water, 80c is ideal) on to the coffee (fill to level 4) and stir for roughly 20 seconds. Leave to brew for a little while
  4. Place plunger on to the AeroPress, (optional 20-30s wait) start pushing the plunger (25-30 seconds) all the way into the AeroPress until all the water has gone through.
  5. Remove from mug and place the left over coffee grounds into a container for composting or binning
  6. Top coffee up with water or milk to taste and drink!

The ‘How To’ Video:


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