The Phone Stack ‘Chicken’ Game

The Phone Stack ‘Chicken’ Game

The Phone Stack ‘Chicken’ Game AKA “Don’t Be a D**k During Meals” game, could this be an easy way to win a free meal from friends?

Everyone puts their phones in the middle of the table. Whoever cracks first by touching their phone, pays for the entire meal. The purpose of the game is to get everyone off their phones, away from twitter, facebook, texting, etc and to encourage conversations. ln other words, help cure the “Anti-Social Social Media Craziness” but it’s also good fun to try and make your mate lose.


Here are the rules:

1. The game starts after everyone sits down.
2. Everybody places their phone in the middle of the table.
3. The first person to touch their phone loses the game.
4. Loser of the game pays the bill for everyone’s meal. lf the bill comes before anyone has touched their phone, everybody is declared a winner and pays for their own meal.


► Naughty ways to cheat / lose friends:
Get someone’s Mum/Friend to fake a family emergency and to ring the pub/restaurant, then get them to hangup mid conversation, they will then grab their phone to ring back.

Setup free call backs to your mates number via Google search (find one and enter their number).

On Gumtree etc make a free advert saying “5 free crates of OUT OF DATE beer, pick up tonight only. Ring ”


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