Kid builds a Vending Machine inside his School locker – Already making money!

Kid builds a Vending Machine inside his School locker – Already making money!

Blake Hawkins thought lockers just aren’t what they used to be, with so many schools moving to electronic devices for books, lockers become less of a space for your books, and more of a question of: “What am I going to do with this?”

So he built this Vending Machine that perfectly fitted his school locker for $160 (£127) and he’s already made sales from it.

What if you could use that space for your own vending machine? In this Instructable, I’ll tell you how I came up with the idea, how I designed it, how I solved a few problems along the way, and how it all turned out! So pop open a can of your favorite drink and come along!


After day one, the vending machine was a hit! On average, 6 cans are sold in just one passing period. Although to me, it was far more rewarding to hear “Dude, have you checked out locker 808 yet?” as students passed each other in the hallway.


This project has taught me so many things including Laser cutting skills, new programming techniques, and put my mechanical engineering abilities to a test. With this being my last semester of senior year, I’d like to eventually buy a locker of the same style and keep the Soda Locker with me in the future. Then when somebody at a reunion asks “Remember locker 808?” I can say I’ve kept it all along.

Whether you build your own Soda Locker or not, I hope your inspired to build whatever odd project you’ve come up with!


Genius idea or stupid?

He posted full instructions on how to make his Soda Locker on Instructables

Full video of the unit in action:

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