Dream Jobs: Guy eats cake (roughly 1880 slices a year) and gets paid!

Dream Jobs: Guy eats cake (roughly 1880 slices a year) and gets paid!

It is another dream job that in reality probably only consists of eating cake for 20% of the time however we will pretend all he does is eat cake.

Ed Sowerby from Lincoln works for Asda, he is responsible for their celebration cake range, the amount of power and influence is quite large for the 24-year-old, with just over 700,000 cakes estimated to be sold in June alone thanks to him.

Each year Ed is designing and creating around 150 new cakes with his latest creations including a giant custard cream cake, piñata cake and a Pug dog cake!

His latest master invention is the Georgie the Corgi cake, inspired by and in honour of the Queen.

Now by this point you might have started to become extremely jealous of Ed but everything isn’t as it seems, as his real dream is to be on Great British Bake Off but because of his job he is deemed to be a professional so isn’t allowed to apply. Poor old Ed.


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