£750 van = rent free home

£750 van = rent free home

Jamie Waddington, cancelled his £800-a-month rental property and purchased a LDV Convoy van.

Then converted it with his Dad to include:

  • Skylight
  • Shelving
  • Working kitchen
  • Fold out bed
  • Rustic wooden interior
  • Carved handles
  • Fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector.

Jamie, 25, from Leeds also works for farmers in exchange for food/drink whilst only spending £10-a-week on other essentials.

‘I could make the van exactly how I wanted it and it is better than a house-share with people I don’t get on with know well,’ he said.

‘I’ve always been an outdoor person but I realised this would give me the freedom I wanted in my life.

van2‘The only thing I don’t have is a toilet, so I rely on public places and the generosity of people letting me into places to use the bathrooms.’

‘I’ve had offers from people all over Europe for jobs and places to pitch up so should be easy to make my way about with little expenditure, doing it as long as I want.’

‘I will do it until I run out of money or I get bored, but I spend very little so it is more likely to be the latter that would stop me.’



Would you live in a van to save money on rent?

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