Getting computers to do simple tasks for you gives you more time to do the thing…

Getting computers to do simple tasks for you gives you more time to do the thing…

Getting computers to do simple tasks for you gives you more time to do the things you love.

So we use these awesome little apps known as Text Expanders, they basically rewrite certain phrases/codes we type on a computer into full blown sentences/links/html/etc

An example: On a webpage instead of having to type out our email address into a field e.g. ‘[email protected]’ we simply type ‘maiL’ and press return, the system then replaces the word ‘maiL’ with our full email address, it’s only a fraction of a second quicker but over time it adds up.

We do similar for phone numbers, complicated website links, passages of text and also for things like templates for lectures/meetings etc, for instance type in ‘lecturE’ into Word/Evernote and it would type todays date, a full selection of headings e.g. title of lecture, speaker, notes, important links to write down etc.

So hands up who uses them? Would you recommend them?

Links to the best ones around (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS) are below, have we missed one from the list?


► Mac:

↪ aText > £2.99 >
The best for your money, a 10ways favourite

↪ TextExpander > £24.99 >
Very similar to aText but a crazy price, does have an iOS mobile app but it’s not great

↪ Typeit4me > £13.99 >
A good contender but now their price has gone up it’s not worth it however it does have autocorrect which might suit some people.

↪ Got Mavericks? System Preference > Keyboard preferences > ‘Text’.
It’s great just for a few words etc but won’t do the same things as aText like formatted text, custom dates, groups, symbols, syncing between computers, images, cursor movements, key presses, time, copy of clipboard etc that is what makes aText worth it

↪ Alfred > Free >
Great one we forgot about, worth a play at the very least.


► Windows:
PLEASE NOTE: We’re not PC users and cannot confirm which of these are the best but from what we’ve read and seen there is a lot of love for AutoHotKey but it seems to be more for focused on heavy users. Please help if you know more.

↪ AutoHotKey > Free >
Difficult to master but once you do it will a dream, not for novices

↪ Phrase express > Free >
A little long in the tooth but does the job

↪ Launchy >
Not a dedicated expander but has similar functionality

↪ Word Expander > Free >
Seems like a great contender and easier to use than AHK

↪ Breevy > $34.95 >

Got one we should add to the list?


There are also apps in Play store + iOS store that can help with them:

Android > Textspansion > Free >

iOS >
↪ You have the basic functionality by going to
Settings >General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut

↪ TextExpander Touch > $4.99/£2.99 >
It’s very limited unfortunately due to Apples restrictions.

Hope these help and please add your own to the list in the comments.

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