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Non-Story: Burger King charges woman £712.38 for a meal, she finds out 2 days later, eventually gets a refund. Lesson: Check the amount and enter your pin!

Non-Story: Burger King charges woman £712.38 for a meal, she finds out 2 days later, eventually gets a refund. Lesson: Check the amount and enter your pin!

Unlike the rest of the media that is freaking out over this Burger King meal, the story is pretty simple. Felicity Cotton aged 28 (not sure why that is always reported) ordered a bacon double cheeseburger and a nacho burger meal on July 31st, the person behind the counter made a mistake and charged her an extra £700 and the lesson is rather obvious:

When they say “Please check the amount and enter your pin” you really should do that!

She didn’t spot the error for a couple of days, she asked for help on Twitter and the response wasn’t great from BK. She then got a full refund, albeit a few days later however, is still waiting for the money to clear.

In a recent update she said:

Can I just point out that I did not go to the papers, I was contacted and asked to share my experience.

Not once have I bad mouthed BK at all and mistakes happen! I made the mistake of not checking also!!

They said they have refunded me, I’m waiting for it to appear in my account then let’s move on with life!

I don’t see why this is big news or why anyone cares, throughout the whole thing I’ve tired to see the funny side of it and learn from it!!!

The original Metro Quote:

‘I only realised what had happened when I checked my bank balance two days later – and it was decimated,’ she said. ‘I thought, “how have I spent that much money, I didn’t do that much shopping at the weekend”.

‘But then I scrolled down and saw the Burger King charge.

‘It was a massive shock – I had to look a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.’

“I’ve got bills to pay, and by the time the money comes back it will have been nearly three weeks” she told the Mirror.

“It’s all having a knock-on effect, and it’s left me in a pretty difficult situation. Obviously my main priority is getting my money back, but I’d still like an apology.”

Burger King as you can see from the image above have refunded Felicity Cotton but have stated it would take at least 10 working days to go through.

Is it bad that the best part of this story was searching for a photo of a Nacho burger?

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