Don’t buy Magic Erasers instead just buy Melamine Foam

Don’t buy Magic Erasers instead just buy Melamine Foam

Procter and Gamble (the owners of various brands) sell 2 x Flash magic erasers for £6 or Magic Sponge 4 for £4.25, in fact, if you search online for magic erasers lots of branded or semi-branded products come up but all of these are basically the same thing but with different packaging and varying degrees of profit margin, however, if you search for melamine sponge a bunch of identical-looking products show (because they’re exactly the same thing as the branded stuff) except instead of fancy packaging it’s just a bulk order of 50 for £11.99!

Melamine foam sponges have a wide variety of uses, from cleaning up spills to polishing surfaces. They are also effective at removing dirt and grime from surfaces, making them ideal for cleaning up around the house. In addition, melamine foam sponges can be used to scrub away tough stains from clothing and upholstery. When used correctly, these sponges can make quick work of cleaning jobs, saving you time and effort.

Never had any small bits fall off them and they last longer than depicted in this video. Simply wet them first then wring out the excess water. Love them for cleaning the kitchen tiles.

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