Primark to roll out Click and Collect across all 184 stores across Great Britain

Primark to roll out Click and Collect across all 184 stores across Great Britain

Exciting news for Primark shoppers! By the end of 2025, Primark aims to have its click-and-collect service available in all 184 stores across Great Britain, expanding beyond the current 57 locations. The retailer plans to unveil the initial batch of stores set to offer this service shortly. However, it’s important to note that stores in Northern Ireland will not be included in this rollout.

Initially launched in November 2022 in 25 stores throughout the North West of England, North Wales, and Yorkshire, the service grew to include additional locations around London by Autumn 2023. This convenient shopping option allows customers to select and reserve their purchases online and choose a suitable time to pick them up in-store, with no service fee on orders over £10.

In a significant expansion, Primark will now extend the range of products available via click-and-collect to include menswear and home and lifestyle items, increasing the total to over 3,000 selectable items. Until now, the service has primarily focused on women’s and children’s apparel and accessories, making this expansion a boon for all Primark customers seeking more variety and convenience in their shopping experience.

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Paul Marchant, Chief Executive at Primark, said:

“Primark will always be committed to offering the very best value and that’s made possible because of our simple and cost-efficient business model centred around our stores. Our trial of Click + Collect over the last 18 months has been about understanding how we can offer our customers greater convenience to shop with us wherever they are, but in a way that complements our business and our stores. We’re now confident that we’ve found a model that can do both and support us with our plans to grow the business. The feedback from our customers has been positive as they really value the convenience our service offers and we’re also seeing it’s reaching new customers too. I am excited to see this expand and give more people more reasons to choose Primark and discover the great value and ranges we have in store.”

Source: Primark Corporate

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