Get a ‘film / TV’ phone number…

Get a ‘film / TV’ phone number…

A tip for those pesky websites that require a ‘valid’ mobile number on a signup form.

The 077009 prefix is reserved for dramatic purposes (e.g. for use in TV, film etc) and will never dial through to anybody so just add 5 random digits after and you’re guaranteed to not be giving out anyone else’s number; it will also pass basic validation checks. 077009XXXXX

We use this technique on 90% of forms but for certain websites, they might be texting you a code to validate your account and for those, it obviously won’t work.

Also, you may often see us using the word ‘Alias’ this basically means use an email address / or other contact details which aren’t your main details this helps block unwanted spam.

e.g. use a secondary email account (with a different provider) for all competitions/freebies etc and add the initials of the company you’re signing up to somewhere in your address.

A more advanced system (and what we use) is MaskMe it basically is a Google Chrome Plugin that generates a UNIQUE email address for EVERY form we submit. Those emails come to our main inbox. If they sell that email address on or start to spam us, one click and that email address is deleted forever (along with any future spam anyone sends to it).

If you don’t need to check the emails they send you, then you can also use throwaway or temporary email addresses such as:

Mailinator >
Guerilla Mail >
10 Minute Mail >

If you hate spam as much as us but still want to get the best deals in your email inbox, you will be pleased to know that our users email addresses aren’t rented, sold or shared with anyone!
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